[Synod] Assembly Member List

Would it be worth while to put onto the Wiki a list of all the synod members by virtue assembly and nation, as we have on the notice board at the event?

It’s hard enough getting this accurate for the event itself given that some players book but don’t turn up, but perhaps it would be useful to have a list of “All the priests at the last Anvil summit who the civil service are aware are still alive”.

What would the advantage of this be, since it would necessarily be representative of the next event?

Whilst it won’t be entirely accurate it will give a vaugely good idea to priests who is in their national and virtue assemblys.

This sounds like an excellent IC project for someone, involving paper and pen and talking to people at events…

Since the list already exists pinned to the Synod noticeboard at every event, I’m not sure it’ll be that exciting as a project.

I have the lists for the Urizen National and Way assemblies, if anyone wishes to heliopticon Maximillian for them

If PD did release this, it would probably be wiki not forum

I would really like to see something like this and/or a Who’s Who list (like Maelstrom had back in the day). It would be useful for contacting people OC for such things as “I know I said we’d meet at 8pm on Friday, but work won’t let me finish until 5pm so I’ll see you at 10.” The latter situation being one which may well happen for me with a week’s notice. I guess we have these forums now but that relies on the right people seeing it.

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking of anything more than putting on the wiki the list that’s in the Civil Service Hub at events with perhaps any character that are known to have died removed.

My problem is that the lists themselves are not “static” information but “fluid”; changing from event to event.

Any requirement to consistently update the wiki with that information is added administrative burden.

Hypothetically, volunteer crew may have lives and other priorities than obsessively documenting stuff, and putting it on the wiki.

In other news, the Synod results are up:
profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … it,_377_YE


I might have to conclude that’s fair. :wink:

Yay Synod results! :smiley:

List in the Hub on the results is the best thing really - then all the cunning political types can copy that info and play what they like with it in uptime.

In a fit of irony… I am now considering this form the opposite end. Having taken up the position of one of the Synod Civil Servants (the short. bald one to be precise) with DanW now playing.

With a lot of interest in the Synod recently, I’ve had a few requests from players as to if they can get the list of Synod Priests at the recent events.

Now this list is one that already exists in play. The Synod assembly list is put (currently by me) IC on the Synod noticeboards and lists all the priests in the synod with their name, nation, virtue and voting strength. Organised by Virtue assembly since it’s the most commonly relevant one.

Trying to copy it from a spreadsheet into wiki format is incredibly painful, unless someone has a magical script to do so.
… BUT it is very easy to add to googledocs. So easy I’ve already done it. Updating it in the future would be trivial. If I’m having to make voting lists anyway.

Would you want the list of Synod priests to be publicly available via the dubiously exciting medium of a googledoc linked from the wiki?
(Being on the wiki would itself be a touch more elegant but a lot more effort to do)
And if you do want it, why do you want it?

Similarly if you don’t, why don’t you want it up?

A few issues that we (the Civil Service) are discussing:

In theory, it detracts from the people who take the effort to collect the data themselves… however since this essentially involves standing in the Hub and copying a list from the board into your notebook, I’m not sure it counts as something I
It has in fact been described as “a bit of an arse” by one player who has bothered to do it.
But, that doesn’t mean it’s universally this way amongst the players.

The lists are compiled a few days before the event, and are slightly incomplete. It represents the expected attendance of Synod priests prior to the summit. A small number are added upon making the Civil Service aware at late notice, adjusting the final voting totals. For example at the summit of the Autumn Equinox 379YE, ten priests were manually added in this way. As big as the disclaimer is, I’m sure someone will be upset that they or someone else was left off the list.

I can’t guarantee that any successor after I run away to become a pir…corsair will necessarily do it in the future.

The privacy issue is the biggest concern.
It’s only character name, nation and virtue… but that could still be too much for some people.

Similarly it could impede people who like to be shonky and claim to be a member of the assembly and have cool synod powers for fun, profit and to seduce men who like schisms.

And for some people there is a world of difference between it being posted on a board during IC and it being on a spreadsheet able to be accessed at any time between.
For it is said that every time a spreadsheet is used for LARP a fairy dies.

I often go and copy down my National and Virtue Assembly list so I know who is in theory about.

Like you say, some don’t make the event/die, or indeed come to Anvil after list create (due to previous death or gate player) so the list is not 100% but it is the best we have.

Would have access to the list a few days earlier help, sure, would I mean I spend say 5 min less in the Hub yes. Really is that 5 min such a precious thing that it needs to be returned to me - probably not. Keep it how it is, those who want to look and take notes can do so, those that don’t want it don’t have to.

Because I want the full breakdown of every single priest, their voting power, assembly and nation it’s a huge faff to copy it all down. If I just wanted Ambition & League, it’d take 5 mins; to capture the lot in the Hub is about 15-20 minutes; I’d be happier checking the lists for discrepancies then having to copy the whole thing down.

I copy down National Assembly and the headline numbers, takes about 5 minutes. However in those 5 minutes or so I am stood near the Synod board and so I people come to talk to me - it can get me game. Would save me time if it was on the wiki, but not sure it is needed to be honest - if people want it they can get it - Simon you could always ask other people for there data if you wanted the lot

I want to be able to copy down who I need to see in advance of the event, and so I can start talking to those who are part of my RP without knackering myself out. I have health problems so I often have to be tactical in what I can do, and at times, standing and writing things down in the mud stood awkwardly is what falls by the wayside.

I don’t think that it would really take away from anyone else’s game doing this. What it allows is easier accessibility that is already a freely available resource.

As a politically active Highguard priest who’s also a Cardinal I’d find this very useful. Currently I need to go to the hub on a Friday and write down the Courage Assembly, then go through all the lists and pick out all the HG Synod as well. It’ll save me about 20 minutes I reckon, but considering that Fridays are always insane I would rather use those 20 minutes to talk to people and help my chapter set up. It just strikes me as a small bit of pointless grind to get to the fun.

What it would let me do is get an idea of the scale of work I have ahead of me and make some plans. I know there could be a danger of people trying to lock things up by playing politics by letter, but I know that spamming letters is actually a rubbish way of persuading people so it’s not something I’d indulge in.

For reference I already have a spreadsheet for a rough guess at what I think the Highguard Synod will look like next game and a mailing list for the Courage Synod I send a single IC letter out to pre-game to try and make sure people are aware of when and where the Courage Assembly are meeting and some potential things that we’ll be talking about and doing. But I’d still like this info to be public.

This seems broadly in support of the idea. Anyone with definite opposition to it?

Essentially what I can provide is just googledoc spreadsheet of the list I put up on the Synod notice board. (Alongside the lists I used for the last 4 events because I have that data to hand)

There is a pre-written function I use to yoink this from the database.

Given it only takes me a few minutes to turn copy/paste into a spreadsheet and sort it into a useful form, this bit is easy enough and I do it anyway. Dropping it into a googledoc as well will be a minimum of effort.

Before or After
I was actually just thinking of them going up after an event. But I could get it prepared just before an event.

However if it is ready before the event it will be done only a few days before the event. Since I get the information just before the servers go to the field.
So probably the Tuesday before.
And I spend uh, Thursday evening turning them into the ICish lists that we pin to the board.

I would prefer it to be something that is in play first, although this arguably undermines why some people might want them.
The idea of being able to look at a spreadsheet and get some foreknowledge seems anathema to me.
… But then the CS already do it for the timetable so I am probably being a tad silly.

Having a list of who was in your assembly last event would still probably be a useful base and far easier to add a few names onto/cross off.