Synod Judgement Sheet


I know this close to the event, this has like 0% chance of working, but does anyone have a PDF of a synod judgement sheet?
I would like to make sure my planned judgement is legible, as my handwriting is truly awful in a field


We are mildly cautious about sharing templates of Civil Service paperwork,* but I will have a word with M’colleagues about this, PM me an email address please.

(Physrep of Samson the Synod Tribune)

*(I think forgery might be quite hilarious, but we might then have OC pressure to do something about it)


Alternatively come ask in the Coast, there’s a bunch of scriveners about who could help IC. :slight_smile:


Don’t at least two people have their own personal ones? Those being Severin and I think someone in Orzel?

Sharing the wording wouldn’t do anythign we don’t have already.