Synod Updates - Schools of Thinking

I mean, I know that Matt and the team get an awful lot of stick when they make changes. And it can be gruelling and unpleasant for them at times.

So I wanted to say that I fucking love the new Synod background. Publicly.

My life basically revolves around researching for my history of art postgrad, and my specialism is in methodology and ideology (I mean, that’s a very vague definition of what I do). I basically look at how people have viewed institutions/stuff in the past and then judge them for it according to my own world view.

I am a proper nerd when it comes to this kind of thing that has come up in the Synod backgrounds. It’s really something I feel like I can get my teeth into. But it’s more than that - the nuance with which the briefs have been written is astonishing. They feel like they could be real world groups that have become established over many years. They are genuinely excellent. (And honestly - it takes alot for me to think that something is this cool).

I’m so looking forward to playing this as a Highguard priest. And I’m really looking forward into rubbing up against people who follow a different school of thought.

On that note - this kind of thing really is my jam OC (have I given you this impression yet?). I don’t want to suggest that I know everything about this kind of stuff (of course I don’t), but if anyone wants to get together beforehand and look at the brief in more detail and nerd about it, I’m usually on site Friday afternoon hanging around. I’m not an experienced larper at all, but I can see how these things could be played out in the field - I think.

BTW - I understand it was Raff who mostly came up with the schools of thought work. So you can tell him how great it is. And I’m hoping he might make it onto a field as a prickly NPC at the Symposium.


Ooh, I might be interested in a bit of a nerd-out!

I love all of them. The Foundationalists particularly tickle me, as I believe I’ve mentioned, but I think my game comes in with some happy fun Liberationist and Separatist discussions…

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I read through them properly today and I’m going to do so again a bit closer to the event. I’m not playing a priest but I still want to have some vague ideas about this, especially with the Symposium coming up. I love the concept and the way several of them clash horribly, it’s lovely to have a framework to build my character’s viewpoints around.

I’m fairly sure I’m going to play a hardline foundationalist.

One of the things I love about the Highguard archivist brief is that I get to experiment with the opposite of my day to day life. In my daily work I’m basically an Urizen seer - using feminist and queer theory. At empire I get to be everything I rally against in my academic work - I’m basically a dead old white guy!


Ah. A Draughir. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This stuff is very cool - hopefully people notice it and absorb it (this is the first time I’ve been aware it exists, and I’m generally pretty diligent at monitoring for changes)

Honestly I like basically everything that has been changed over this winter … maybe I’m just easily pleased :wink:

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It only went up last week, you’re not behind. :wink:

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The SoT stuff is really well written, I hope that it gets some ‘action’ in the field; I LOVE a good bit of theology!
I’m also pleased to see that a few things I’ve thought about but not really done anything with have got a mention, as well as some angles I hadn’t.
Very nice work indeed - encore.


I’m sure they might get the odd mention in the Symposium that’s happening this event. More info on that should be going up in the Winds of Fortune :slight_smile:.

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You think they could get it up a bit quicker? I’ve got a book to print and make. :wink:

I mean, I have the Symposium timetable if that’s what you’re after :stuck_out_tongue: The Exemplar debate is at 2:30 on Saturday