Tak, the game

I was thinking of ways to fill my time now I’m not going to be taking the field any more. I was thinking of bringing my Tak board with me.

Tak is a simple-to-learn 2 player board game in which you have to use your pieces to make a road/bridge to the other side of the board. The board is checkered, like a chess or draughts board.
Its played in a book series (The Wise Mans Fear, Patrick Rothfuss) somi dont know just how immersion breaking it would be


I think Tak would be an excellent game for the field - if I recall correctly, it doesn’t have any pieces that might need renaming (unlike chess).

It strikes me as quite Urizeni, but I think it could work for almost any nation.

It’s a game where you build roads so I can imagine it being very popular in Varushka, and called “trod” by a lot of Navarri :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive got a set around that i used to keep in the Nissed Pewt, good little game :slight_smile:

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Not familiar with it, but the game itself sounds pretty fitting. My only comment would be, depending on why it’s called Tak in the series, to possibly think about renaming it, even if it’s just “where I come from, we call it X”.

There are a bunch of us across the field who play it

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