Taking a child into the Hall of Worlds

I will be playing a character with Magician at the coming event. I will also be caring for a 3 year old. I would like to take him into the Hall of Worlds with me and am not quite sure how it would work.

In theory I suppose he can use the Apprentice skill - in practice, I’m not sure how much he’s up to roleplaying taking instruction! Is this an instance where it’s acceptable to gloss the roleplay a bit for OC practicality?

We’ve had babes in arms before, if you’re worried IC then they 're using the apprentice skill, but no-one is going to query it.

Be aware Conclave runs quite late in the day usually 10pm Friday and 7pm Saturday which may be more of an issue.

The youngest in our group when she first started coming, regularly fell asleep in someone’s lap most meetings!

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Cheers, that’s reassuring.

I have no plans to attend Conclave, but assuming it’s as nicely set-dressed as it was a couple of years ago, I think he’ll adore just exploring and playing hide-and-seek in there!

Caught someone having a picnic in there last event so perfectly reasonable!!

Thanks for the praise. As someone who used to help dress HoW that means a lot.

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Bear in mind you can swiftcast Operate Portal now, so you only need to persuade them to do about 2 seconds of roleplay if that helps.

Round and round the Regio
Like a magic toad,
One step,
Two step,
Outside the world we go!


I took a baby into the HoW under the apprentice rules - I mean, for all practical purposes you’re holding the ‘door’ open for them. (I traced the Door with babby holding my finger.)