++Taking Up Arms and Inquisition++

We’re desperately trying to dot the t’s and cross the i’s on the last Wind of Fortune. While we’re doing that we’ve found two things that don’t quite fit into Winds of Fortune, but are still worth drawing attention to. As such, we’ve decided to stick them on the main Wind of Fortune index page under the heading “other events”.

It’s not ideal but the alternative was tacking them on to Winds of Fortune they clearly do not fit with. There are two of them.

Thanks to two mandates performed last event, any citizen who owns a congregation can exchange it for a military unit with the same number of upgrades at no monetary cost. This ability is available during the event, and is handled at GOD.

You can read more about it here → http://bit.ly/Take_Up_Arms

Normally when you change resource it costs 2 crowns and you always end up with a new basic resource. You should be aware that this is a one way offer. If you later want to change your military unit for a congregation it will cost the usual amount and you will get a basic congregation.

Frederick is an architect who provided the Empire with four potential projects to create unique centres of learning. Following a call for Inquisition from the Ambition assembly, he has withdrawn his offer to overse these colleges, meaning that none of them can be commissioned until after the inquisition at the earliest.

You can learn more about this here → http://bit.ly/Inquisition_of_Frederick

I think they’re going to be the only two. I will now go back to the wikimines.