Talented Artist Needed :)

Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster.

I am trying to create a sigil for my character, I have a rough idea but lack the artistic skill to make it look good haha; so as the title suggests I was wondering if there are any talented artists on here who could help me out and beautify my design and make it into a digital image that I can then have embossed onto my armour (Will likely also need help with our group sigil but haven’t got much of an idea for that yet). Thank you and any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Without knowing anything about what you want it’s hard to say if this is something I can assist with. There are many talented artists but they all have their own styles and genres.

Its essentially just a house sigil, more a long the lines of a game of thrones style, rather than a historic one; I want it to be a bear but with some runes incorporated into the design.

Or if anyone has any links/contact info on someone who may have designed their emblem or sigil that would be great too :slight_smile:

I could have a go if you want. I’ve designed a few group symbols on the field already. Drop me a private message with details of what you want.

It’s saying I can’t send you a message for some reason

I’ve sent you a PM