Tealight Chandlier

Made it while bored.

One of these:
bmstores.co.uk/products/burn … eel-276364

Plus six boxes of these:

wilko.com/candle-holders/wil … T=tealight

Plus glue equals this:


I’m adding an old Chain I have from a old tripod BBQ will be added to finish it off. Total cost: £19.99


That’s going to throw out a shitload of light.

For something a little more compact and less luminescent,


As I’m going to be putting it in my 5m belltent (and it fits on the centrepole, haven’t tested but it should do) I will likely be using either all or a mix of led lights and real ones to reduce the fire risk. Failing that I will be only lighting half at a time to save me having to replace them.

I’d recommend all LEDs.
Even if you don’t burn your tent down you will coat it in soot having candles up near the canvas. [is your tent canvas fire resistant ?]

Bravo Michael, have +1 internets! :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes my tent is fire resistent but EU regulations only need it to resist for a couple of minutes so it doesn’t mean much IMO. I don’t mind open flames in my tent just have to be very very careful and never leave them unattended (I generally have some water on standby in some form or another for that reason).

There is a large difference in the heat curve and the rate of spread between treated and untreated.

Even if you manage to set fire to it you are much better off in a properly fire treated tent.