++Temporary changes to moderation rules++

==Video Diaries==
After a long discussion with the moderators we’ve agreed to relax some of our strict moderations rules for one week, starting today, to let people post in-character posts and videos to the facebook groups. The aim is to let people post things like videos of themselves in costume, talking to camera, so that everyone who wants to can share something about Empire over the event weekend.

Traditionally we have taken a fairly tough line with regard to online roleplaying. We’ve allowed people to email IC letters and allowed IC posters on the facebook groups provided they did not include anything contentious but nothing more than that.

We’ve taken that hard line because Empire is built on the social interactions that take place between participants. The game is the discussions about matters of strategy, politics, and faith. Obviously it’s also a game of wars and battles, of rituals and negotiations with eternals. But a crucial part of Empire is the roleplaying that takes place between players. If that shifts to an online medium between events - then our view is that that is to the deteriment of the events themselves and of everyone who attends them.

But - for the time being you can’t attend an event! We’re aware that a lot of people would like to be in a field roleplaying over this coming weekend, heck knows that we would, but that can’t happen. So we want people to stay enthused for Empire until we can once more be in a field together. Getting into character, getting into costume, or seeing your friends in kit and in character can remind us all what we enjoy so much about Empire.

So as an experiment, we’ve decided to lift our normal restrictions on posting IC content to facebook and the forums for one week only. What we’d like to see are posts from people talking about our game, either talking out of character about things you’ve enjoyed, or in character about things that you’ve done. We’d like to see it in text, and we’d like to see it in video, either done in or out of kit.

It’s important to stress that although we are relaxing the rules prohibiting IC content on the facebook groups for this week - the normal rules for behaviour at events still apply. We’ve created a wiki page for the rules for this week which is here:


Crucially this means that anything that breaks our conduct rules can get in the sea - there’s no place for that in Empire. It also means that anything you post still needs to be related to Empire - we want to use this week to celebrate the game and to share it - so posts not about Empire will still get cut.

We’re also asking people to try as hard as possible to avoid contentious stuff or pushing personal agendas in anything they post. It’s cool to talk about personal stuff - either you or your character. It’s cool to tell us your hots and nots about Empire. We want to see you videos with characters in kit roleplaying!

But what we’d like to avoid is stuff that means other players feel obliged to post IC rebuttals to. We don’t know when the next Empire event will be - but we’d still like to save that conflict for the field if we can! Posting a cool story about an encounter with a Jotun your character had is ace - posting a call-to-arms to invade Sermersuaq to drive the Jotun out is not.

Please make sure you follow the normal rules about sticking things in the most appropriate group. Do not duplicate the same or similar posts across multiple different forums or different groups. If your post is a bit more general but one nation may still have a special interest then it’s fine to post in the main Empire group and the single most relevant nation group.

We don’t know how many videos are likely to go up - but videos are notoriously difficult to moderate. I’ve promised my team that they don’t have to watch every video. If something needs taking down for any reason, then players will report it and then we’ll take a look at the video. If you need to report a video, then if possible please include a link to the post, and tell us the issue you’ve identified along with the timestamp where it takes place. We want to make sure we can find and deal with any problems quickly and this will help us do that.

This is very much a response to the current situation - and we’re execited to seeing how this trial run turns out. As already mentioned, we’re working flat out to see how much we can release over the coming weekend - but we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with as well!

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