Temporary Tattoos


I’m wanting to know if characters would be interested in purchasing temporary tattoos for a small amount of IC money?

Subject to interest my character will be offering an IC tattoo parlour with many stock designs, runes, nations, etc but I may be able to take custom requests too.

These will be the rub on and off tattoos so will last the event for sure.

I appreciate that there is potentially loads of RP for this but I wouldn’t want to invest my time and money in something that would not be of interest to people.


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What nation are you playing?
Most Navarr players would have kit on them to do tattoos themselves, because it’s a big part of Navarr culture.
Whether they’d do tattoos for people from other nations is a question without a simple answer - my character would in some circumstances, but not just for fun.
You’d be potentially facing competition from an entire nation who are well known to offer a similar service for free.

There are a few OC considerations,

1: Do you already have the equipment to do it or would you be purchasing stuff specifically?
2: How easy would it be to get to camp?
3: Does it look IC?
4: Could it promote roleplay? (I think it could)

Yes, the Navarr have tattoos in their IC brief, but by no means would they have the monopoly on them. And as of yet I’ve not seen an IC tattoo parlour so it would certainly be a novelty. I’d give it a try!

Maybe get a priest involved and sell Testaments to go with them?

Thanks for the comments, the plan for the next event would be to get some temporary tattoos made by a company I’m speaking too.
These would be the like the ones you get as a kid that you dampen to transfer to the skin.
Depending on how they are received i would consider developing the service.
In terms of IC I was going to research how they would be done historically and try to replicate the method via role play.

It’s a low cost set up to begin with but could be fairly interesting in terms of role play as I could “research” new patterns between events and take commissions etc

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Tattoos are listed as one of the symbols of Loyalty. So you potentially have a huge market.
Followers of the virtue may have tattoos which directly or obliquely reference that which they are Loyal too, which leaves plenty of room for stock pieces (horses show your loyalty to the Empire!) and individual designs.

I suggest making friends with the Assembly of Loyalty, or becoming a priest and joining them!

We’ve a few people in another LARP I do who use temporary transfer tattoos, and they’re a bit hit-and-miss - they can end up looking “fuzzy” and grimy pretty quickly, and that’s a parlour situation so I don’t know how they’d hold up to a weekend of camping. That may be down to relative quality (they’ve purchased print-your-own paper for the transfers) but without seeing the ones you’re commissioning that would be my concern.

What I’ve seen people use for IC tattoo parlours elsewhere is temporary tattoo pens but those rely on being able to draw (or having stencils done up ready).

youtube.com/watch?v=dQF6TiQ7YnU is probably the method you’d want to research, and would be easy enough to replicate ‘in the field’ (videos contain footage of hand-poke tattoo in progress, so be aware of that if you’re squeamish).

I’ve looked at the print paper but I’m actually going to get them made properly instead.
From past experience with kids tattoos they do last 3-4 days so I think they’ll be fine.

My character is an artisan/runes moth in wintermark and it says in the nation brief that wintermark created runes so would fit the setting ok.

Might just give it a go, worst case is I have plenty of character tattoos to use personally

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Brief advice: avoid hands (they get washed) and foreheads (they sweat off).

Good luck!

Are the tattoos you’re talking about temporary IC, or are they intended as IC permanent tattoos that you’re physrepping with OC temporary tattoos? If they are temporary IC then I have some vague concerns about how that makes sense in terms of in-game technology but admit I don’t know much about the real-world method (aside from “lick and stick”!)

IC temporary we’ve got paint and henna, both commonly used for short term oaths in Navarr.

I was thinking of coming up with an IC justification of being able to offer them either permanent or temporary IC.
Possibly offer a “pack” for people who want them for every event with 2/3 spares for future events and then we can just make some more copies of required.
The maybe offer an Bottle of Tattoo remover for people who want them for one event.

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Kallavesa has a lot of weird plants that can be made into henna-like dyes that last for about a week. Trust me, I’m a Mystic.

Just cut them off and regrow the skin with magic :wink:.

I’ll come find you.

I am a Scop looking for different ways of bestowing names.

This could work well

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