Tends and the Field


I’ve been looking at some pictures of Empire events and apart from the Sentinel Gate and a few old stone ruins, Anvil is made up mostly of tents in a central field. I was just wondering if different nation camps look different to others and how the streets of Anvil look and feel on the field itself.


Most camps have a clear centre where you can get a feel for the nation. Dawn’s glory rectangle is probably the most obvious, but Highguard has a chapel tent, Varushka has it’s central hearth. Navarr in the trees is much clearer, but they do have a field presence too.

When looking at sleeping tents it is a bit forest of bell tents and the edges of each nation can get a bit lost but look for signs or banners outside group tents, set ups under awnings and you can usually tell exactly where you are.

Of course the people also help, as our costumes are part of the decorations too!