Tent Rental Question

Hi all!
I am hoping to get a bell tent before long so I can start camping IC - i’ve been camping OC since I started Empire, but I really can’t stand the boring walk between the field and my tent, and I stay up quite late anyway so I think an IC tent would really suit me :stuck_out_tongue: With IC tent bookings for this year going up before long, I’m thinking maybe I should book a tent for E1 or E2 (I’ll be changing characters for E2 and would quite like an IC tent for my new character).

What I’d like to know is if you book an IC tent, do PD set it up for you, or do you check in, collect the tent and then set it up yourself? Like, if it’s set up for you then I wouldn’t mind booking a tent to give myself a bit longer to buy one and to test out camping IC, but if you need to set up a rental tent yourself then I feel like I might as well get my own bell tent ASAP and learn how to set it up, rather than showing up to Empire and having no idea how to build the tent I’ve rented.

The tent will be set up by the Redcaps (Site Crew). You’ll need to let the Camp Planner for your nation know so they can organise where it will fit in - best place to do that is your nation’s Facebook group.


If you are looking for IC bell Tents, Honeybells are selling 1 season old 5m bells from £270, i picked up 2 for our group in excellent condition for £630 including delivery. It may work out cheaper in the long run.

I’ll definitely have a look at Honeybells, and on top of that I’m part of a bell tent group or two on Facebook, so hopefully I should be able to find something decent for E2 - but if not it’s good to hear that the redhats do the set up if I do go for rental!

When you get it setting up a bell tent is easy, anything up to 5m can be pitched by one person on their own. I can do my 4m in about 15 mins.

Integral groundsheets are best, zip off gives you more options - often referred to as ‘Ultimate’ or similar.

The more complicated bit of owning a bell tent or any canvas is having good storage - really dry with good airflow, and having somewhere to pitch it at home if it has to come down damp

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I’m glad! I was hoping for a four or five meter, so it’s good to hear that it’s not unfeasible for someone to set one up by themselves.
With regards to storage I might have to look for somewhere good, but I do have plenty of garden space at home to set a bell tent up and air it off after a rainy event.