Tent Setup

I’m starting a separate thread to Tent Rental. This is a related but different question.

What is people’s reaction to offering money to people to put up tents?
Almost private enterprise Red Caps.

My group may well have our own tents but generally the folk who arrive soon, aren’t busy and can stay later, are old and broken but have cars and jobs.
As such we can get canvas to the site (and, mud willing, to the nation) but are “distessed” by putting up and taking down with few persons.

If we offer money to young fit poor people to do our labouring are we exploiting them or allowing them to earn useful cash from their hard skills?

Speaking as an old decrepit person who often can’t get time off work to be on site before Friday afternoon and so is usually too broken from putting a heavy tent up in a hurry to enjoy much of Friday time-in I would very happily pay someone else to put ours up, especially if they had transport to get it to site so it was ready when we arrived. If they would also pack it away and bring it back to Southampton after the event they would be my new favouritest person ever!

It was something I was thinking about putting forward on the rental thread. Personally,I think there are 2 main reasons people want to hire a tent. 1. Can’t have their own tent (cost, storage, whatever). 2. Don’t want/can’t put up, take down.

Therefore, since the put up/take down service takes so much effort, I don’t think there is a problem with paying significantly more for that service (easily an additional £110 per tent - effectively 2 free tickets for the min 2 people needed to put the tent up).

There are a few of us in the Urizen group who are all willing to volunteer to put up tents if you need us.
We’re in dire need of a tent for rental, so we’re all too willing to help. :slight_smile:

As a young(-ish) strapping lass of limited means who will be turning up around lunchtime on Thursday, I’d be happy to take your money in exchange for tent set-up. To be honest, I’d probably do it for free, but I’m not going to turn down remuneration.

Payment would make me more comfortable to require things done a specific way, etc.

No small print. Detailed Large Print!! with diagrams! :smiley: