Terrestrial Times - Newspapers?

I was just wondering if this had been done, or even could be done. Me and my friends were thinking of making a banner called the Terrestrial Times; a group of journalists from Urizen who travel the land in search of the best stories before proceeding to right them down and sell copies for a few rings. Has that been done before? And, if so, are people allowed to just go print the issues before events in a suitably mystic type after having gained the info from the journalists?

Multiple competing newspapers exist on the field at the moment, although none produced by Urizen yet I don’t think. And yes, the printing press has been invented in the setting of Empire, so you can feel free to print your documents rather than producing them by hand.

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Yay, thanks. How much does an issue usually go for in rings?

IIRC, the general news papers that don’t specialize (like the trading-focused Thrifty Squid or the fashion-and-gossip-focused Looking Glass) I think go for between 3 and 5 rings? You should have no trouble finding them on the field and finding out in person, anyway.

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Ok thanks

Multi page things tend to go for about 3-5 rings.
Single page things to be 3 ringsish

but the big rule of thumb is what you can get for it.

Price depends on what your aim is. If you want high circulation, then keep your price low. If you want profit or exclusivity, go higher but be aware you might not sell all.

Thrifty Squid is a one page daily price guide and goes for 1 ring a time.
The Pledge was a 12 page newspaper and sold for 2 rings
The Oathwright is a similar size newspaper and sells for 3 rings.
Looking Glass is a low circulation, exclusive booklet publication with exquisite illustrations - can’t remember their current selling price. I want to say closer to a Crown.

Urizen used to have a paper called The Torch but that hasn’t been active for several years now.

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Oh ok, thanks. Maybe we could make a new Urizen/magic focussed newspaper. We’d do things like interview important magical politicians, find out what the battle mages are doing this season, and see what spells are cool right now

Also, what about this for an idea: Live Heralding.
So whenever news is breaking, a newspaper can hardly print an extra dozen copies in the field. However, what if we made a “Heralding Studio” in a busy place like Anvil town square.
Picture the scene; you’re coming home from a jolly good purge when the sound of a trumpet fills the air. Everyone turns to a table where the news presenter is sitting holding the day’s hastily written up doings. “Breaking News,” they would say, “Senator [insert name here] has just resigned. Here they are now, with our political heralder, [jnsert name].
Behind the news reader somebody walks out of a nearby tent and addresses the crowd, “Yes, thank you Freslin, it is indeed a shocking day. What will this mean for the Senate, for the Empire, and why did they do it? Here he comes now!” The Senator in question joins the correspondent and they start having a lively interview.
When all is said and wrapped up, the news reading table will be adorned with signs proclaiming recent news and any advertisements anyone wished to place there at the time.
That way we could deliver the news as it broke before later publicising it in the next issue.

All you need is a bell and you know have a town crier. I love it.

Yay, thanks XD. A bell would be better actually, yeah. The correspondents would spread out around the world each day going after their certain areas. So the war correspondent would hang around near or on the edges of battles, interviewing combatants (dead ish or alive), while a political correspondent would ask around the main magical chambers. Then, towards the evening, they’d all meet up in the right place, compare notes, and begin their afternoon broadcast of all the stuff that’s happened in the day. We’d also use the notes for the next newspaper issue. Magical issues in the Empire can be quite closed off at times to non-magicians so this might help raise awareness of what’s going on. Another thing with newspapers is that we could make money not only by selling them, but also by getting businesses to advertise in them for a crown or so.

Looking glass is 5 rings a copy and its usually available in the League camp at 2ish on the Saturday. They’re a fashion magazine but they also do a lot of current affairs and gossip, it’s worth picking up to see how they do things.

There are a bunch of other papers on the field but since the Pledge stopped publishing but I don’t know if there’s another specific dedicated group of people making a newspaper as opposed to it being a sideline. So there’s certainly an opening there if you want to go hard into it. It’s hard work but the Pledge got a lot of game out of it.

I suspect re-purposing the winds of war and fortune wouldn’t get you many readers, have a look at the Almanac that’s sold from the imperial offices as that summarises all that stuff for on the field use. But if you had people going out on skirmishes and battles, plus reporting on stuff in the Synod and Senate in a bit more depth I think you could make a lot of game. Especially if you’re full Urizeni Torchbearer and are all about THE TRUTH! :slight_smile:.

If you’re looking for people to get comments from, get yourself along to the eternal audiences or ask heralds in the hall of worlds. They’re busy so you probably won’t get a big interview, but you could get a question or two answered :slight_smile:.

Also getting people to pay for town crier announcements while you tease stories and sell your paper would get you cash. I have often felt the absence of a tower crier in Anvil.

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Ok cool thanks for the advice. We’d probably do a more opinion based newspaper with the big events at the front which people could read about as well as some more detailed interviews and character stories at the back. How would you get people to pay for a town crier?

Advertise :smiley: You need someone to beat the bushes and ask what people want to advertise. Bars, cafes and other service industries might be interested. The imperial offices might pay for things to be announced perhaps. Ask around at your first game, once you start doing it you should hopefully start getting people coming to you.

Oh yeah, thanks ^^. If we have a cultural, economic, political and war correspondent, then a fifth role could be the “Presenter”. They’d cry out important stuff brought to them at “news time” while also scouting around for things to advertise.

And on this subject this is the Oathwright’s front page :slight_smile: - Redirecting...

By the way, if I wanted to be a freelance journalist, would that work?

There are a bunch of newspapers in a number of nations that would probably be delighted to have an extra body :). Come along and track them down on the field is a good option.

Okay doke, thanks