Terrible Empire pickup lines

I was thinking about possible IC pickup lines the other day, and wondered if anybody had any good ones.

Disclaimer: I’d never want to see these used IC or OOC, especially if they made people feel uncomfortable.

  • Hey dude, have you had a declaration of sorcery against you, because that ass is enchanting!
  • Are you a member of the senate? Because you certainly raised a motion with me!
  • Did you give me the Reikos Flux? Because looking at you makes me want to faint!
  • Are you a virtue? Because I want to dedicate myself to you.
  • Are you turning me into an Eternal of Winter? Because I get the feeling I’ll be Sorin the morning!

nope nope nope :smiley:

You could turn people cambion.
You give them the horn.

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You make me feel like a draughir, 'cause I want to eat you up.

Want to come back to my tent later? You cambion top if you like.

You’ll need to be a weapon master to handle me

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“Stay with me!”