Territory Curses

(Probably left it too late for an answer before the event I realise).

Do the curses that target whole territories (e.g. Icy Maw Devours the Spark of Essence, Naeve’s Twisting Blight) have any mechanical effect on barbarians who control regions in those territories? That is to say, do orcs have farms or mana sites they rely on for supplies that will be damaged by the curses?

Somewhat tangentially but also in relation to a territory curse, does a territory under Thunderous Tread of the Trees count as contested for the purposes of whether an army receives resupply? I ask as otherwise it strikes me that natural resupply would replace casualties caused very easily, largely nullifying the effect of the ritual unless you can somehow drop it on somewhere we know two forces both of which we consider enemy are fighting.

My understanding (possibly flawed) is that Barbarian armies do not receive natural resupply the way ours do. That is a feature that we get because of the huge amount of money spent on it from the Imperial budget.

As a dashingly handsome general told the Senate last event, finding out more details about how their armies do resupply would be a really useful action.

Even if it doesn’t… the *resupply *doesn’t nullify the trees: the resupply happens anyway… the *trees *nullify the resupply.

As Tim says, I believe that the way our armies just regain 500 men every season they aren’t in battle is a credit to the imperial supply system and that barbarians would struggle to match it.
On the other hand, I’m pretty certain that having a horde of rampaging ents sit on our faces would mess with Imperial army replenishment… so it would not be unreasonable to suggest that it would screw with whatever inferior counterpart the Barbarians have.
Sounds like something that Imperial Research would answer.

Likewise, it seems to me that the Ref team has a model for what happens if we cripple the barbarian economies with our various curses (Thunderous Deluge anyone)… even if it isn’t as rigidly codified as what happens if they curse us.

That’s what I’m hoping - a lot of the curses would be pretty pointless for PCs to use otherwise - but it’d be useful to know roughly how it works before potentially wasting rituals.

From a meta-game perspective, I’d be wary of holding PD to describing the exact parameters of these powers in advance. Partly because we couldn’t rightly gauge IC and partly because we shouldn’t get let mechanics get between PD and a good game experience.

I trust that PD would make something that screwed up any of the enemy food economies count towards enemy morale (unknown to the player) and enemy resupply (ditto), but I wouldn’t count on it to be the same for every enemy or even every season. - I mean, from the perspective of PC-coin-harvest, I’d say that Summer Solstice would be the time to screw us up (break “Gathering the Harvest”).
For the matter of Icy Maw, I would expect that it would have more impact on barbarians that depend on magic and/or Armies that have the keyword. I can think of who that is. :wink:

Icy Maw explicitly says it hinder the Druj and Thule but not particularly the Jotun or Grendel. It doesn’t give any specifics but I suspect its influence would be most obvious on an uptime battlefield…

Likewise smashing Herb production is likely to cause havoc in the Druj. There is some difficulty in casting these spells as you need the right regio on a battlefield in the right territory, (and probably not care too much about PCs with resources there.) But hopefully this might become easier?

The curses are small enough that you can cast them on a quest, and it’s then just dependent upon a conjunction to a place with the right flavour of regio.

I’d overlooked that line in Icy Maw, that effectively answers the question then - ‘they do something’, the specifics are less important.


Hullo! Barbarians resupply exactly the same way Imperial Armies do. Part of the orders job that me and GJ do after every event is spending the barbarians white granite, weirwood, mithril and ilium on stuff, and giving natural resupply to orc armies that are not engaged.

We don’t track barbarian farms and herb gardens because we did that game and it drove people insane. If you cast a territory-effecting spell on a territory held by barbarians, it will have an effect on them. I can’t tell you precisely what that effect will be beyond what is included in the ritual description already.

I think it is fair to assume that something that screws mana sites over will have a profound impact on the Thule, and something that screws herb gardens over will have a profound effect on Druj, but then something that screws mana sites over effects the Druj as well. What kind of effect do you think these curses would have on the Empire? What’s that - you aren’t sure and need some evidence? Okay I’ll see what I can do.

Territory curses (along with several other effects that target places outside the empire and so can’t be cast from thare Anvil regio) are fucked at the minute. We have a few sketched out plans to correct them, but the priority ahead of E2 was to get the Campaign Army Enchantment rituals right.

Brilliant, thanks. Now to get planning. Today’s special phrase is ‘Scorched Earth’. :smiling_imp: