Test of Arms and Citizenship

I was just wondering about these tests new players have to take. Could anyone with some knowhow answer my questions please? Are these tests still held for those older than 16, and if they are held on the middle of the Saturday, what do new players do up until that point? Is there any way to take it earlier if it is compulsory for all so I won’t be left waiting for half a day before I can play? Thanks for all the help.

The test of arms is not mandatory for adult new players, no. That said, I’d like to challenge your premise slightly.

There are loads of things to do which don’t involve fighting (As in, the majority of the game actually) so even if you did have to wait until mid day on Saturday, you would not be being prevented from playing.

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Oh ok, thanks. I was referring to both tests though, since without performing the citizenship test your wouldn’t able to play as an OC.

Unsure what you mean here…? As an adult player, you can turn up and start playing at time-in.

You don’t need to demonstrate your skill or your knowledge of the setting, unless you’re graduating from the academy.

A little time and research, and maybe a bit of sparring before time-in, would likely be helpful though… and of course, there are also the New Player briefings etc…

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Ok, thanks. And sorry for the OC term, it stands for Original Character.

yeah, thats a bit of a cross group non-communication.

around Larp and Tabletop roleplay OC, or OOC, tends to stand for Out (of) Characte, as opposed to IC for In Character.

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Please note it is entirely normal to feel either jealousy or awe, for some of the young players who have been through the academy, and frequently have more knowledge of the Empire than an adult player will ever get their head around.

The rest of us just muddle along and hope we’ve written enough relevant reminders in a notebook to manage!


I don’t know, I’ve been learning the wiki for a while and I’m on the pantheon of the Iron Confederacy at the moment XD

Those Iron Confederacy peeps and their deities! Pfft, not as good as our militant Buddhist thing

Chill man, you do not need to learn the wiki…

…although it is interesting reading, I’ll agree :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, tis fun and interesting. I wanna make a character that goes travelling, so learning about all this whatnot is going to be useful. Plus random background stuff might help improve game knowledge like how much Liao is required to perform an excorcism, the powers granted to the Imperial Synnod, and something called the “Land without tears”

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Learning is great! But remember just because it’s on the wiki doesn’t mean your character will know it. As with everything in life there is a whole host of information on every subject possible, so donI know it all? Far from it but I could if I wanted too, but life prevents this.

Also the other thing to consider is time, I’m not talking about your time here I’m talking about the time it would take you to get to all these places.

95% of the information PD put in the winds of war etc I do not know or read. Why you ask perhaps because I’m lazy? No simply because my character would not know this and so it saves me that awkward moment of talking about something I know but my character would not.

A small thing but it add realism to your character and allows for your character to learn in the field and as I say prevents an awkward conversation of explaining how you know about something happening on the other side of the world.


I’m an NPC - a Civil Servant - and I don’t know everything on the wiki (I do know the bits needed to do my job!) It makes sense to read the bits your character would know (Nation, Virtues, etc) - there’s no reason your character would know everything about everywhere. :slight_smile: