Test of arms


Hi I have a friend who is going to take the test of arms in the summer, they will be going as a battlemage, but magic is a skill and you don’t get skills until you pass the test of arms


The test of arms is about mechanics of larp combat and that’s the same whether your a mage or fighter.
Its pulling blows, safe combat, rules and mechanics ect.


Ok, thanks


Why do people do the test of arms? and what is it exactly?


Essentially, it’s an IC gloss on an OC safety check, and any player under 16 (and over 14, the minimum age to take the test) needs to take it before they can go on a battle, or on a quest or skirmish (i.e. through the Sentinal Gate) that wasn’t specifically organised for younger players. It’s to check that they are capable of fighting safely, pulling their blows, keeping their head and continuing to roleplay in accordance with the rules. See here on the wiki: