Test of mettle

Hello citizens of Dawn!
As some of you might be aware the Nailsea LRP Club /Morning House Orphanage organiser has a few members wanting to take their Test of Mettle I am one of them.
My character, Torr Stoneheart originated from Wintermark and has been with Nascien for the last 4-5 years and so has taken to the Dawnish traditions quite well. He hopes to one day become a noble of Dawn and so has asked for a Test of Mettle from the only person that is a role model to him and he really trusts.
And so I would like to ask for as many Earls and members of Dawn to attend the announcement of my Test of Mettle. I am also potentially looking for a Patron to financially support me (Usually an Earl or a Political figure) I am asking for this to increase my immersion and stature within the Dawnish nation because at the last 2 events I have attended I have generally kept to myself and my little comfort zoneā€¦ This I want to break out of because I realised I could do so much more than what I already have.
Thanks for your time.

  • Mitchell :slight_smile:

Look forward to watching it :smiley: