Testing the Water


My name is Neill and I have just been to my first Empire event. I currently play a Wintermarker as the kit was pretty easy and I wanted to just come along and get a better idea of the world. When I was scoping the game the Wintermark and Imperial Orcs struck me as most resonating with my outlook but the Orcs were a much more involved undertaking from a new player perspective. Since the event I have had a chance to read some more into the nation and would like to get involved - probably not at the next event but certainly from next year.

I came along and had a chat with some people in camp on the Saturday and want to thank them, they were very friendly and helpful in answering my probably stupid questions. Since I was quite keen on staying with my current skillset (Chirurgeon/Physick/Apothecary) as a Bonesetter, I was led to believe that either the Stormcrows or Red Hand would be the best people to talk to?

If anyone could point me in the right direction, then it would be great to get talking to some of you guys.


best bet is facebook there is an orc group on there that is very active

Hi, Thanks for the reply, I have looked on Facebook but couldn’t find anything relevant. Have you got a group name I can look for please?

Here you go - facebook.com/groups/158687267598665/

Were massively active over on facebook dude aswell as the link above search for Empire LRP:The orcs

There’s a lot of efforts made into finding new players the right place for them

As for your skill set and archetype any banner could take you I think it would be better to look at the briefs in the group and see what would best fit your character background and play stile stats don;t really matter when picking your group.