Tests of Ardour

So I’ve been talking with someone and they want to request a test of ardour, What are some examples of this so I can think of something suitable?

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Depends on how much the house and the person they wish to marry, likes them.

If they really don’t want to know then they might get ask them to pass a test from Sorin https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Sorin. He is an eternal who is interested in terrible choices and such things so they are unlikely to get a nice challenge from him.

If they are luckier they may get a test from Barien
https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Barien. He is all about challenges and things like that.

The house may just give your friend a set number of enemies to over come or a certain kind of enemy to over come.

I think it depends on the house. If they are more into magic then it may be a more magic orientated challenge. If they are more into combat then combat will most likely be what they are interested in.

I personally think that the test either needs to be glorious or fun for all involved. A fun one might be fighting one of the houses best fighters with nothing but a pillow. A magic one might have something to do with making a new arcane projection.

The more personalised the test is to the house and or the suitor, the better the RP will be and in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about.


Oh, I just thought, if you wanted cake, you or your earl (not sure if you are the earl or what is going on there, sorry about that) could set the person a challenge to make a great cake. That way you get free cake and who doesn’t love free cake (unless of course it contains things that you are allergic to, then you probably hate free cake). It would probably need to be a bit more complicated then ‘Bake me a cake’. It would probably need to be something like ‘Thou shall bake, a three layer cake, I think you should know that your love is at stake’.

My final suggestion for now (unless you want me brain storm ideas with you, I recommend you don’t because I can go on and on) is to give them an extra challenge by setting up a puzzle or riddle for them to solve which then tells them what their challenge is.

There is currently a League bravo (played by James_Walding) who has been asked to bring the head of an eternal to his Dawnish paramour’s father. That said, her father hates him and she’s not so keen on him either; it was meant as a ‘go away’ and he took it as a legitimate challenge, so there is lots of fun being had by all right now.

Now that sounds like fun. I was talking to someone and they were saying that there is very little we can do to actually stop an eternal let alone kill one. This of course led onto the suggestion of getting Barien to find a way, to which someone said that killing an eternal would probably bring the rest of them down on the empire like a ton of bricks.

If they some how succeed then that may be it for magic in the empire (I think it would be almost impossible for them to succeed). I personally would take it as a metaphor and bring something that represents the head.

Yes I was there when that was set haha

It has been known for an eternal to be killed in the course of a test of ardour :slight_smile:

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I hope you kept the head!

I barely got away with my own!