Thanes Council and Alcohol

Sorry for the second post in one day, can anyone give me some insight into what happens in the thanes council and does being a thane have any relevance outside of this meeting? (other than obviously roleplaying as the leader of your hall).

And as for alcohol are there any restrictions ? I imagine you aren’t allowed to walk around with cans and such, so how do people get around this, is it case of just having to go into your tent and decant whatever alcohol you have into your tankard each time or something else?

I have thought about soaking bottles of Budweiser in water to remove the labels.

Can’t speak as to wintermark specifics but for drinks get yourself a tankard - easy to find in a charity shop, or several sellers in the field. You will want to decant bottles, especially recognisable ones like Bud as they mess up immersion and are a pain for the photographers.

If you want to carry several bottles to another fire then a simple cloth or leather bag, hessian sack or covered basket is your best bet.

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Tankards are good. Ones with lids are better. Relabelled bottles can be hilarious (usually wine).

Random wineskins containing who-knows what are… characterful.

Please don’t get too drunk… there’s a lot of potential tripwires out there :stuck_out_tongue:


So do people not tend to bring their own alcohol? and I have been looking at a few tankards, the only ones with lids I have seen have been like flip lids, that done clasp so aside from maybe keeping flies out not sure what use it would be haha.

People do bring a lot of alcohol*.

But if they’re drinking from cans, it tends to be in the OOC areas or around their own fires, with their own groups. In some tents you may see standard bottles of wine, as the labels on those aren’t too bad, or even bottles with IC labels.

In some of the IC pubs they’ll have kegs with the logos etc under cloths and things, so it’s not too obvious.

And given the relative ease of keeping a can or a bottle tucked down out of sight, especially round a fire, and topping up your tankard unobtrusively, it’s not a big deal.

Heck, the Anvil Bar serves drinks in plastic pint glasses…

As long as you aren’t walking around with an obvious brightly coloured modern can of beer (or whatever), you’re probably fine.

It’s just an immersion issue.

Of course, this doesn’t apply outside of time-in. By 1am everyone is either quite merry or falling asleep anyway :slight_smile:

There is also a lot, and I mean A LOT of home-brew floating around. (If some one from navarr is selling bottles of peach cider, don’t question, buy 2). A small haversack is a godsend at empire just for carrying snacks, lunch, water and drink, but tbh there are enough IC taverns that you can fill your mug at camp and then refill at a nearby bar.

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I decant into my tankard, hiding the bottles in my bag.

Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile: and haha how much would some peach cider set me back ?

It started at 1cr, and was up to 4cr after a couple of hours.

If you just want your brains smashed in by some homebrew cider, pop over to the Marches with a bag of rings and a smallish tankard.

I’ve seen IC-looking tankard-like things for putting plastic pint-glasses inside to make them unobtrusive.

I’m trying to remember whether I’ve seen the same sort of idea applied to can-holders: if you were to put a can inside (for example) a leather tankard and drink from the can, most people won’t notice the can too much.

I’ve never had one come through lost property, which for a drinking vessel pretty much means there aren’t any out there. Totally valid idea though.

I love that tribute to the all-encompassing nature of the Lost Property. If it hasn’t come through LP, it doesn’t exist…

…probably accurate :slight_smile:


I friend of mine has a Larp Safe throwing tankard. Big enough to hold a can or plastic cup. (obviously take the drink out before throwing)

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Soaking the label off a standard dark brown bottle of beer sounds fine to me - the Empire has much finer glassblowing than that.


Or stick an IC label over the top.
(Of course the metal crown-cork is a modern invention, but no-one’s going to fuss over that.)

As long as you don’t throw the caps on the floor!

Please find a bin, or put them in your pocket to dispose of later!


In respect to the Thane’s Council, it happens at least once each day over the course of the weekend. The exact agenda will vary from one meeting to another but it’s primary roles are:

  1. Disseminating important information which is either too detailed or requires a greater degree of discussion than is practical to cover in the main national moot. This could include hearing updates from members of the Council of Seven (a group of elected people within the nation who are regarded as experts in their respective fields, whose job it is to advise and/or inform the Thanes about any major news relating to that area).
  2. A forum for Thanes to raise matters of national importance which. Again this would generally be issues which are not practical to raise in the Moot. The national moot is a good place for announcements, but not for discussions, which is why the more smaller and specialised meetings happen immediately afterwards.
  3. To make any significant decisions of national importance. The decision to give away Skarsind came about as a result of a vote from the Thane’s council, which then led to the motion being raised in the senate.
  4. A chance to learn who the leaders of the halls are. This in itself is super useful. My former character was Thane of my hall, and if I hadn’t gone to these moots then I wouldn’t have known who half the halls were or who their leaders were if I needed to speak to them.

In terms of what being a Thane means, it largely depends on what you and your hall want or need you to be. For some it means a battlefield leadership role. For others, that role is delegated or not needed and so the Thane is more of a guiding influence on the hall. Some act in a role akin to line-managers in the workplace, whereas others are there as a figurehead and primary point of contact. I would suggest thinking most about what your hall wants, what you want, and then base it off that. Also, nothing is set in stone. If you want to change the way in which you lead your hall then go for it.

If you’re new to Anvil I would strongly recommend using this as an RP hook. A new thane, recently appointed to the role, speaking to other Thanes in anvil to learn more about how they lead their halls. It gives you a good reason to wander the camp, speak to other people, strike up friendships etc.