Thank You to Everyone From the Hospital

Last Autumns Event was my first and thus i wish to thank every one in the Hospital tent who helped teach me how to be a Healer of actual use.

Special Thanks:
Maximillion (i hope that’s how you spell it) for the Pamphlet
The Impossibly nice Marcher Lady (sorry! forgot you name) who became my Impromptu teacher
The Draughir Girl who pointed me in the right direction when i had to find someone
every one else in the tent for scaring me with different facts about different disease
And the people who work Behind the scenes at profoud decisions for all the hard work they do.

Sorry for the long post
Just wanted to say thanks


Maximillian (its on the pamphlet), Hope the pamphlet was useful.

Good to hear you had fun.

Look forward to seeing you again next time.

Whats on the pamphlet? Im going to my first event in April and i’d love to be a healer but i’m not sure how much i need to know

That Pamphlet was about the different forms of Mental malady that someone could suffer and how to diagnose them, (its on the pamphlet was specifically that Maximilian’s name is on the front piece.

Honestly as long as you’ve read the pages on Healing in Empire and know how long things need to take (applying herbs, fixing wounds without herbs and treating traumatics), then most of the rest of healing is about making things up as you go along.

[quote=“Ricohard, post:4, topic:3888, full:true”] then most of the rest of healing is about making things up as you go along.

And if your methods of making things up are different to someone else’s even better, you can have a nice discussion about why your method is better - or a shouting match if that suits instead!

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