Thank you

You were the lone Wintermarker with a few boxes of stuff (including some very clever Pyrex old-fashioned sweet jars). I was the redcap driving the Frontera with a wooden box trailer on the back. I got your stuff to the car and we had a nice chat. You were unexpectedly very, very generous to me and my minion Andy.

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I’m sorry I wasn’t more effusive at the time, to be honest I was a bit poleaxed! We’ve put your very thoughtful gift towards an end-of-year “Best Developed Recap” prize for Empire. Thank you once again. You, like almost everyone I had the pleasure of trailering for, were friendly and welcoming and I hope you got home safe!

I’m not the Wintermarker in question, but well done to them because you guys (as well as the rest of the caps) are wonderful.