Thank you

Thank you to everyone in the Brass Coast -

I and my group had an amazing weekend and it’s obvious that our nation is just going from strength to strength. Really looking forward to seeing you all next event :slight_smile:

~ Curly

Special thanks to every one of you buggers who put up with me flouncing by near constantly~

Yes, thanks all! I had a great time and our brand new cambion scribe loved it, and you all really helped her get into the spirit of things. :smiley:

each event there is definitely a better atmosphere in camp, looking forward to the next one.

At this rate I am expecting a positive atmosphere singularity by E3, at which point we will all ascend.

I have so much keen right now. :smiley: thank you all.


Guess what…I had an amazing weekend! :smiley:

Thanks to all of Esmara for putting up with me and allowing me to hide things in the Paradour when needed :slight_smile:


Egg? What egg? Nothing ever gets hidden in the Parador. Just don’t look up…

And pay no attention to anything behind the curtain.

Im really gutted I couldn’t attend this one, but im still recovering from a nasty fall, shall be there in july though x