Ahead of event 3, which given all the recent Winds of War and other plot related posts looks like it is going to be a cracker, I wanted to say thanks to Matt P and all of the PD Team, plot, red hats, bumble bees and anyone else I have missed who make Empire such an enjoyable occasion for us, your players.

Seconded (now watch as I somehow manage to miss every bit of plot :smiley: )

I’ll drink to that.

This will be my first ever Empire event, having given up roleplaying some 17 years ago to marry, raise a family and be a “normal”.

I cannot describe how thrilled, excited and impatient We ( Me, my wife - also an ex LRP’er… (its how we met!) plus three youngest kids) all are anticipating the Summer Solstice as Dawnish nobles… my house has been a bomb site of kit, costume making, sewing, hammering, moulding, painting, researching, explaining and swearing since May, when we made the decision to try and bring five new characters into the event from a starting point of absolute Zero.

Despite the cost, mess and stress, we all think its SOOOO worth it, because the pre-event organisation and communication has proven to be such great entertainment and the “feel” for the world and the event is right on target.

The concept and everything we have read on the wiki, and the other stuff we have found on UTube etc has been just what we are hoping for

Bring it on - Bring on the GLORY!

It couldn’t happen without the dedication and enthusiasm of Matt, the writers, builders, wiki-keepers and volunteers, MOST importantly their partners, parents and children, who put up with, and tolerate all this strangeness !

thanks to one and all