The Academy's worth


Hello! I’m a 15 year old player and probably what I’m about to say has already been reguritated by about 10 people now so I’ll try and add something but the Academy is great. I definitely recommend going there even if it’s just for the Friday since you can gain alot from it. Freedom wise yes most definitely you can drift between lessons and choose which ones you want to partake in - yes you can learn at anytime but the lessons that are lead by teachers begin at set times which will be on a blackboard somewhere around the Academy so you can look for what you would like to do there! However if you wish to learn more on certain areas (IC) I would either go to the library and you can find books on various things you want to know or actually go up to people who may know stuff about the things you wish to learn (this is really fun way to learn things and gets you game, I did and recommend it!).
Overall in terms of learning about the game the Academy can teach you the basics but I would say the Academy’s worth lies in the experiences and potential game you can get out of it. For example when I went to my first event about one year ago it was just me and my friend and we were completely new to the game (even if we had read the wiki) and had no group to go to. In that event alone thanks to being able to go to the Academy I had managed to make friends that led us to being part of a group and I am also now an apprentice and learning night magic! I know my friend has done some wild stuff with the Academy including dancing with a Soverign at one point and there was also a point where we met with a herald. To summarise the Academy is definitely something worth going to even if only for a day!
Sorry for the wall of text but I look forward to potentially meeting you IC!


Hi @Mannalos!

I’m about to attend this Autumn - which’ll be my/our first ever larp event - with my son who’s also 13 and daughter who’s 8.

None of us have any experience and are also finding it quite daunting after trying to read so much online background content! We all thought the academy sounded like a great way to meet people, get a flavour of the kind of stuff that we can do and for them to have an easier way to get stuck in :slight_smile:

My son definitely wants to work towards being able to join battles so (assuming we love it and come back next year), there’ll be at least one person your age who’s still pretty new and itching to be able to get involved properly in the main game as soon as he’s old enough!


Hiya. Firstly welcome.

There is a parents group on facebook if your dad who is attending with you wants any further information.
My offspring who are male 14 and female 13 will be attending and hoping to do their Citizenship test at the academy.
We are Nevarr, there are a few happy to do some combat practice with them on camp with them but there will also be combat practice in the academy too. I’m wondering if a Empire teens group on facebook might be a good idea as I know my two were quite anxious at the idea or no - little members that are 13-16. We did find this not to be the case but then finding other young people in the field can be a little anxiety provoking for some. I know it was for my two. I will ask in the academy group if they feel this would be a good idea.


Hi there!
I didn’t want to resurrect this thread after one month of inactivity. But anyway, I wanted to say that you and your father (and anyone else) are very welcome to approach the Taziel Family in the Brass Coast. We are a very welcoming group of people and, if you want to learn how to fight (both in character and out of character) I can think of a few people that will be willing to give you some lessons, my character included. For a reasonable price, of course, we are Brass Coasters after all! :smiley:

Welcome to Empire! Be prepared for the hype in between events…


Hey, don’t worry about resurrection, necromancy is my favourite school of magic. I will keep that name in mind for sure, as my character aims to (someday) become a corsair and combat training sounds great. And in terms of hype, I have joined the discord and there is no end to it there. Even having not played yet I have met some awesome people online and I hope to so the same in real life soon enough. Thanks!


As mentioned earlier in this thread, the wiki is huge so you can’t read all of it, but some parts are essential and it’s not immediately obvious which bits.

Here are some suggestions on where to start:

You might need more than that to pass the Citizenship Test though.