The Average Cost of Bourse Seats and True Liao

You should definitely bring your thoughts and conclusions to the Master of the Mint. Easy to find in Hub or Imperial Offices.

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Once again i have updated the charts for 382YE Spring.

Bourse seat information
True Liao Information


I’ve updated the chart to include the 382YE Summer solstice white granite seats. I havent done the True Liao yet as its not up yet and i’m too excited/impatient o wait!

Bourse Seat Info


so, while waiting for this last event’s results it occurred to me that i could use math (blegh) to figure out how much the dose of True Liao sold for at the Summer summit. As such i have updated the chart…

I started by taking the amount that was left over in the fund after the last event, adding the unknown amount and subtracting all of the deductions until i was left with the final amount in thrones.
(18.2625+x-(7+5+54+15+(6/8)+(1/80))=0 solve for x)

Yay! More info! Just the bourse prices for the moment.

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I don’t think your costs are high enough.

Could you point out where I accidentally put in the wrong costs please?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. For Ilium, your costs seem way too low.

Keep in mind, the illium seats only produce 7 and 5 rings of illium. I can only speculate as to why else they may be that low, but it is accurate

thanks. i love this post and money. mostly money

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Prices for the weirwood auctions are in


This season we see the Ilium auctions.
One Seat went for 150 thrones, the other went for 15. No I am not missing a 0 :joy:

Also True Liao

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It was only for one seasons worth of resources, since it’s outside of Imperial control. Still a bargain though.


White granite auctions are up, and it was the most expensive auction in recent history!

True liao as well

I finnaly got to go to my first event! I dont know how something can be both so boring and interesting but those auctions are just that! :joy:

This season saw the first auction of The Crawling Depths for a full year term. It only produces 14 Wains of Mithril so it went for a much lower price, thus creating a bit of an outlier. i have added an extra row on the mithril page to reflect the removal of the outlier, but it is not shown on the graph.

True Liao continues to follow its chaotic trend. would anyone mind if i added a trendline to the TL graph?


Can I suggest setting the major interval for the True Liao chart to be every 4 events - that way the lines match up with the years?

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What do you mean? A seperate graph that averages the cost over the year and uses yearly intervals?

In the chart for True Liao, it currently has a vertical line and counts every 5 events.

I suggest changing the settings of the chart so that vertical line appears every 4 events instead. That way, the line will always appear on the same event each year, so you can more easily see any variations across the year (e.g. the Winter price might always be higher than the Summer price).

It would also let you see at a glance how each year compares to the last.

A trendline, as you suggest, would be awesome as well.

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It may be a bit before i can get to it, but that sounds like a great idea.

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@Emmanovi so i tried doing as you asked and couldn’t figure it out (any suggestions or instructions would be welcome)

i did manage to add a moving average trend-line though to the True Liao graph though.