The Axou Are Coming!

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A communication from Grand Ilarch Restes of the Chambers of Issyk, Citadel of the Throne of Night:

We extend the hand of welcome to the Empty Throne.

At the Winter Solstice we will come among you desiring counsel and greater understanding.

We send to you one who speaks with the voice of the Grand Ilarch of the Citadel.

We seek friendship and the bounty it brings.

We seek trade and the wealth that flows from it.

We hope for the freedom to walk among you in peace.

We hope for tolerance as we learn your laws and customs.

We hope that we will find the open hand of amity and not the raised fist of war.

We trust that fate will favour us with concord between your empire and the Nikitis Axou.


A trade delegation from Axos has given advance warning that they intend to visit Anvil during the coming summit.

Their crimson-sailed ship is docked at Crown Quay in Necropolis. The delegation makes it’s way to Anvil over-land, under a scarlet flag, bent on parley.

They represent one of the great Citadels of Axos – the Chambers of Issyk, known to have trading partners across most of the Known World. They do not speak for all the Axou, but at least one influential ambassador is reportedly travelling with them along with a small cadre of bodyguard and – allegedly – at least one high ranking military officer.

The Imperial Magistrates remind the Empire that, unless the Senate rules otherwise, the people of Axos are not barbarians. Their ways may be foreign, but they are extended the full protection of the law and expected in turn to abide by it. It is not illegal to speak or trade with them. It is as much a crime to kill or steal from one as it is to kill or steal from any Imperial citizen.