The bag of resources conundrum


Because it’s against the rules.


Is it? Where is that written? I’m not especially advocating anything, if anything I’m playing devil’s advocate to make sure this debate gets to the bottom of the issue. If there is a rule to be quoted I’m all ears.

In other RPGs this kind of thing is more common that one might imagine – an experienced D&D character gets cash to buy an appropriate amount of treasure. So a new character can walk onto the scene with cash.

#23 says that you should hand in any resources that were on you when you died.

It might be worth someone getting a real ruling by emailing but I am pretty sure that:

a) if you had something else stored out of the game area and IC it was somewhere your group could reasonably find it, you can hand it over to them instead of GOD;

b) you shouldn’t transfer any money/resources or any items that a new player couldn’t theoretically have, including IC publications, to your new character (and you should be wary about transferring any knowledge that isn’t on the wiki and hence theoretically available to a new player).


It only specifies on your character, i.e. magic items you had on battlefield, or dying in anvil assuming you were just murdered and not looted everything else, coins, resources etc.

By this reasoning, the treasured “special” sword you left in your “tent or at the inn” you were staying at before being silly and dying on a skirmish is free for anyone who wanders into your “tent/room at the inn” next and picks it up and unbond then bonds to it. Including your next character or a sneaky opportunistic IC thief who watched you forget to lock your tent up before running off to battle.

Seperate but similar note, i found a wand ribbon laying in the mud in brass coast, i could have done the sneaky thing gone to GOD and unbonded it and sold it, i didn’t i handed it to an egregore in good faith it would find it’s owner again.

I found it, knowing wands can save lives i weighted my profit from it to the lives it could save including the chance it could be mine it saves and handed it in. Stealing is not glorious act, if i was in another nation other than Dawn i would of kept it.


The lack of clarity on this was why I asked the question. I did check the rules carefully before posing the question and clearly laid it out.

It’s easy to assume it is a rule or not a rule based on experience, but we have a lot of new players who will be learning how to do what is “right” or “wrong”.

I could ask PD what the rules are officially, but LARP comes with a level of personal responsibility, not every rule is obvious, there will always be grey areas, and seeing how people approach those areas is of interest to me.

I can see both sides of the argument. I have seen that being moderately wealthy gives very little additional power to a character in Anvil, because the big groups will always stand taller than any one person can, and a few thrones either way doesn’t tip much.

But for characters who scrimp and save their rings each event or give everything to their group, I can understand why a new character having a few extra thrones might look unfair.

At the end of the day, this is a game, so this isn’t massively important, but I hoped this would provoke some back and forth, rather than being one sided (Thanks Angus!)


Being able to carry over unspent XP is only possible because PD have made a deliberate design choice to make it possible. Being physically able to carry resources over from one character to another doesn’t mean PD want you to do that, it is very much against the spirit of the written rules and if it’s not explicitly against them all evidence points towards oversight rather than design feature.


But is that based on rules, or based on your own experience with LARP?

The only rule which I have been able to find (after a lot of searching) is the rule quoted above. It is easy to make assumptions based off this rule, but it is not obvious to those without a background in other games.

I can absolutely see the “carry over XP” being used as a view of intended design as much as the “hand in items from your IC body to GOD”.


Asking PD for ruling seems like a good idea now.

That’s interesting because it is an item that PD can track. If it was an artefact with plot attached then I feel you should somehow declare the connection between old character and new and might find PD saying no.

What would be the situation if you found it in the car park? What, indeed of the situation if you found one ring in the mud in the carpark?


I’m pretty sure if something that belonged to your old character is in the IC area and you genuinely stumble across it with your new character, that’s fine - the onus is on you to not use your OC knowledge of where it is to have your character ‘stumble upon it’, though.


The character creation process tells you what skills and resources you start with, whether it is your first character or not. As there is no mention in there, or in your character pack of “And anything else you left at home” then I would read it as that being all you get and anything your old character had should be handed back in unless previous arrangements had been made.
Paperwork and other items that aren’t tracked I would be less worried about, as long as it is with the intention of making fun, rather than as trying to get a one over any other starting character. For example if you find a religious pamphlet somewhere as your old character, stuff it in your bag and forget about it then I wouldn’t see a problem in your next character coming in ranting and raving about this piece of heretical writing that’s floating around. That said I admit that’s inconsistent, but oh well.
Hmm, if I buy a hat IC as my character, can my new character wear the same hat :slight_smile:


I have now asked PD, will let you know if/when I get a reply.


I dont mean plot items character specific, i mean a generic magic item say it’s a biting blade.

Your new character turns up at anvil, lots of people didn’t come back from the skirmish so lots of “un-used tents” are now available, “so and so didnt come back so the tent is now yours”, you go to sleep that night and feel something dig into your back as you lay down, “by my beard… they hid a sword in their bed roll, sweet well it’s mine now” would be a common response.

If it’s off the IC field i would hand it to GOD. Who would either find the owner or destroy the ribbon.


Cheers Penny. Given the wide range of opinions on this thread a ruling from PD would be helpful. :slight_smile:


“And anything you left at home” would mess up the traders unless PD want to get hundreds of coins and resources back downtime then reissue them at start of next event, it’s possible but lots of time to unpack register it then repack a traders envelope with hundreds or thousands of rings or resources.
If it’s lost by the player it’s the players fault and they who suffer, an “IC blunder” in downtime if you will, i.e. poor investments were made.


Reply from PD:

Anything a player has stashed OC should either be handed on directly to their next of kin, or handed in to GOD. It can never be given to their next character (And indeed, their next character should never be their previous character’s next of Kin).

We’re going to update the rules to spell this out in larger letters


From the link ChessyPig posted above:


  • If your character’s friends/groupmates are terminal or dead, be quick about taking anything worth having off them.
  • Characters who are terminal should remind their friends to gather up any shinies.
  • If your character is dead, you can’t talk (unless someone casts Voice for the Dead) but you might want to continue physrepping the corpse until any interesting items have been claimed by someone else, especially if they are things that will add to the game’s fun and interest.