The battle of the iron plains (winds of war, summer 378ye)

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Wide, empty and windswept the Iron Plains are a place to pass through or to come from, not to stay. Rain falls rarely, but as Spring gives way to Summer, the arid grasslands are watered with the blood of knights, corsairs, and barbarians.

Two armies of Lasambrian Orcs, driven north and west by the Imperials, seek an orderly retreat. The massed forces of the Red Wind Corsairs, the Eastern Sky and the Hounds of Glory fall on them like wolves on the fold. The battered barbarians give ground at every step, resisting a rout, pushed further back towards the hills that girdle Segura.

Then a third Lasambrian army smashes through the other two armies. A new army, under an iron banner. It matches the fervour of the kohan and the glorious knights. It secures the escape of the other two armies, to Anduzjasse and Yellow Chase and Burnish.

Alongside the barbarians fight knights in crimson and gold who are neither orc nor man, but emissaries of an Eternal power. Beneath the golden lion banner, they engage Imperial forces without regard for their own safety, fighting astride great tawny lions and accompanied by swooping bull-sized hawks. Here and there among the allied contingent are massive creatures with spreading antlers, or claws-and-fanged wolf-beasts that sing with human voices as they tear into their prey.

Every inch of Iron Plains soil ceded to the Empire is paid for twice over by a price of blood. Near two thousand Imperial soldiers will not fight again. But the Empire prevails. The Red Wind drives the last Lasambrian stragglers northwards, reclaiming the Iron Plains for the Freeborn people. Near the ruins of Anduz, above the standing stones of the Longing Circle, the Dawnish forces establish an armed camp gazing across the churned earth towards the barbarian defenders occupying the old city.

With the Battle of the Iron Plains, the Empire has reclaimed Segura. Yet the Lasambrians have not been driven back into their hills - three barbarian armies remain, facing three Imperial armies across the dry grasslands.

This is the first of the Winds of War posts I’ll be doing through the rest of the day. I’m experimenting with a bit more detail than previously; we’ll see how it goes. The plan is to put them onto the wiki once they are all done. There’s quite a few of them, some longer and some shorter. Some are glorious victories. Some … aren’t … :wink:

So the Battle of the Iron Plains.The Empire has beaten the Lasambrians back out of Segura meaning that next event there will be a Senator election for the recaptured territory, and also some fat juicy Spoils of War for the Military Council to discuss.

But as with Karsk it is worth noting that there are still Lasambrians in Segura - three of the seven regions are still under their control - and it would only need the Empire to lose one region and the Territory would flip back to barbarian control …