The best thing about the Brass Coast is

For me it’s the extreme truth and the drums.

Our Egregore?


The singing. Also kraken racing. Also our Egregore. Also the clothing.
Looks like I’ve failed to pick just one best thing.

Me? :wink:

Nah, our closeness and ability to be pretty open with one another

Can I say everything :smiley:

being badass :open_mouth:

and everything else…

Colours and contracts! :smiley:

Being completely, utterly brazen.

And the schemes for next years Broken Wheel.

The best thing about the Brass Coast is the massive headache some of you are causing for the Archmage of Summer, which is making a huge amount of game for me :smiley: Keep it up, chaps and chapettes.

Best thing about Brass Coast is using Ephisis’ Scale to send a box of jelly…

I do love Brass Coast, I spent far, far too much time being salacious with you guys~

The carefree attitudes of course! :smiley:

The kit - we’ve got leeway for creating some massively amazing kit compared to the regimented stuff in other factions.

Wish we had a big enough group on the battlefield for the banner picture up top - we’d certainly be obvious.

(Maybe we should create a fund to each give a tenner to and have a whole set of matching shield’s created for an “elite” unit)

The ability of certain Freeborn to make a Dawnish’s life 300% more complex with a grand total of two words :smiley:

Colours, music and the ability to completely defy attempts at prediction and planning for each event. man am I glad you guys haven’t forced me to come loyalty shouting at you. (note at e4 I almost did then you made me sit in a corner and go well i’m unnecessary here).

Watching peoples eyes cross when you reel off you full name to them, also colours, contracts, truthiness and general Crass coast shenanigans.

Not being able to find anyone cause they’re on various pub crawls around the field and when looking for them you’re reduced to admitting you don’t know what they’re called (you can barely remember/pronounce your own name) but you’re sure they’re wearing a red, orange or blue headscarf.