The Conclave Orders


Hey, so was just wondering about joining the orders at conclave.

Are there any requirements to joining? Other than having magical abilitys and being able to get into conclave

Are there any benefits to joining them?

How can it effect your game?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Any mage can join an order, there are no entry requirements.

The benefits are being able to speak in conclave (you need to be recognised by your grand master to do so), support from fellow mages in your order, and generally having like-minded mages total to.

Effects vary, depending on your game. If you want to get into conclave politics, you pretty much have to be in an order.


I was also considering joining an order.

I don’t give a damn about politics, but what does “support from fellow mages in your order” generally entail?


You generally join an order based on how your character believes magic should be used: virtuously, in battle, experimentally, with implements etc.

So in theory joining an order will put you with like minded mages who may be interested in helping you with your great project, or furthering your character’s story by getting them involved in their great project.

It will also give you an idea of which orders you might want to keep an eye on, because your character thinks they may not be using magic the best way.


If you join one at character creation it’s free, otherwise you need to get Arcane Mark cast on you, this will probably cost you a mana crystal and change :).

Benefits wise, if you want to get involved in Conclave it’s pretty necessary even aside from the ability to speak you really need a group of people to gossip and scheme with.

Orders can also be a vector for some types of plot, The Shuttered Lantern I know had some spy stuff going on as they’re intelligence and counter intelligence types. I also know that some Eternals and heralds are going to want to talk to specific kinds of mage, Autumn Heralds interested in trade would go looking for Golden Pyramid mages.

Also the Grandmaster of an order gets Mana and a small amount of materials each game and if you can convince them to support you, some of that can be yours. Obviously being a member of their order in good standing can help there, but also simply having a convincing and well thought out plan can work on Grandmasters not your own.

How organised the orders are really depends on who’s Grandmaster, Shuttered Lantern in my experience was quite organised, I don’t know about the other orders.

Personally I’ve had good experiences and even when an order was a bit disorganised I saw it as an opportunity to make something good of it. So I would recommend, it’s a good way of meeting likeminded people if nothing else.


Do you need to be a ritualist to really benefit or help orders or does it just depend on the order? like does The Shuttered Lantern only really benefit having you if you know night or day lore?


Nope, the Rod and Shield is made up of a lot of battle mages and you don’t need to know scrying magic to get something out of the Shuttered Lantern. It’s more an attitude and what you do with the magic that you have. I mean if you want someone with knowledge of Spring Eternals that might be a threat to the Empire, you’d probably want a spring mage who’d done some talking to Heralds and Eternals (bonus points if they’re a briar).


Cool, perfect. Thanks for all the responses!


You dont have to be in an order to speak, you simply need to be recognised by a grandmaster.

That being said orders and order meetings are fantastic networking opportunities to meet like minded mages and perhaps get resources for your IC goals


It’s easier if you’re in an order, the last time an “independent” mage was given permission to speak, by the Empress I think, she ended up repelling him to get him to shut up…


Personally I always found standing or sitting near the Grandmaster with my mana ready and making sure they knew I wanted to speak was the best way.
The order seemed largely irrelevant at that point except if I wanted to make a point that resonates with one of the orders I’d ask that GM.
I can’t say I recall the Empress repelling someone out of Conclave but then I havent been at every event over the last year.


Usually “Hey Grandmaster, plz supply mana so I can dick over some Blasphemers” but also "Knowing who’s worth a chat for questions like “Do the Wisdom Assembly know about this interesting magical experiment?” and “Say, does that look like Idolatry of an Eternal to you?”
But you might not be in the Sevenfold path and thus have other ideas.