The Dawnish perspective on the Battle of Pickham?


I’m playing a Marcher monk. Our monastery upholds the memory of a certain “Major” Joshua Benson, a Marcher folk hero shortly after the Rebel March, before the founding of the Empire. “Legend has it” that the Major managed to capture a Dawnish Earl (or at least a noble leading a small force of knights and yeomen) due to the Earl’s lack of loyalty to his subordinates and the Major’s vigilance.

Does any of you fine folks “remember” an old story from the past of their house that an important figure was captured by sneaky rebels when trying to regain their due, but got set free on the promise of leaving the Rebel Marchers alone and paying more attention to the values of their underlings, being known for great loyalty to the houses’ yeomen since, or something along those lines? I would like to play with this storyline with someone from Dawn, however I don’t know any Dawnish players, and it would be quite unfitting for James to talk to someone random from your nation, so I can’t really just push this further in the field, I think.

(If you feel there is a different forum where I should drop this request, please point.)

– Gereon

I think working out background connections via the internet makes sense. I can’t help on the house front (House Carsenere is far too young, founded a few centuries too late) however I had a long conversation with someone in your monastery last event about this Dawnish Earl and Benson. So if you work out which noble house it actually was I have the knowledge to prod things along IC from the Dawnish side if that helps.