The Day of the Dead

It is the day of the dead when the year too dies …

The Highborn invite the people of the Empire in joining them in celebrating one of their oldest traditions, that of the Day of the Dead.

In contrast to the brittle humour and fantasies of the League, the Day of the Dead is marked with sober reflection. It is time to remember the fallen, and honour their memory and the good they have done. Light candles and lanterns, and drive away the darkness for a time in memoriam of lives lived, now passed.

On Saturday night the Highborn will be remembering the fallen of the Empire. Beginning with a candle and lantern-lit procession, and ending with stories and celebration of those who have returned to the Labyrinth over the previous year. A night of reflection is followed by the celebration of the Day of Rebirth, when new lives and bonds are celebrated with the giving of gifts and (for many traditional Highborn) the new year marked.

Citizens of every nation are welcome in the Highborn camp; indeed, they extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to join them in sincere remembrance of those who have passed into the Labyrinth in the proceeding year.

Anyone wishing to know more should seek out Escon, the Highborn Egregore, who will no doubt be able to answer any questions about this annual tradition.

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