The Empire Guide book - an “I’m new to Anvil!” Edition

Hi all,

It’s going to be my first trip to Anvil and I’ve been thinking a little about some of the things I’ve been told about that I’d love to see just from a purely Touristy perspective like the Glory Square or the currently vacant Throne. However, as any tourist knows, the locals are the ones who have all the best tips!

So if there was something you thought someone should try to experience or see on their first trip, what would it be and what would be the supporting blurb (in your best guide book style if you can!)

I promise not to wander Anvil in socks and sandals visiting each one :laughing:


Well this Winter will be the day of the Dead procession by the Highborn, and we’ll come to you, as we walk around all of Anvil in a silent, fire lit column with all our banners.

(NB OOC please do walk around Anvil going oooh at everything and asking all the questions, explaining what is cool is a great way for other characters to show you their enthusiasms and a great way to get involved. Would suggest stout boots instead of sandals though!)


Visit Songs and Stories in Navarr and the League Theatre. Try to see all the nations and chat at as many fires as possible.


Come to Anvil, where the nations gather and the fates of Empires are decided!

Visit the Senate in session, watching from the public gallery as they debate before the empty Throne… (no peanut throwing please)

Visit the sprawling camp of Wintermark, and the Tree of Names at its center, each one a hero remembered (alive or dead).

Stroll through the pavilions of Dawn and challenge someone to a duel in the Glory Square (they will almost certainly patch you up afterwards).

Spend more than you expected in the merchant cartels of the League, and the bars of the Marches, and take a quiet moment with the Spires of Urizen. Or a cheerfully noisy one with the Brass Coast, but have a story ready as payment!

As night falls, watch the Varushkans ward their camp against the darkness. For your own safety, accept their hospitality.

As the Day of the Dead procession marches out from Highguard, bow your head and remember those fallen in the wars of the Empire, whilst hooded torchlit figures pass endlessly, like souls through the Labyrinth…

As the moon rises, drop by the Imperial Regio where the ritual teams of the Empires covens work mighty magics in it’s service. Do NOT interrupt them.

Come midnight, thread your way into the Navarri woods, where Songs and Stories will keep you enthralled as the fire crackles and the stars wheel overhead…

And as you finally succumb to sleep, the endless drumming of the Imperial Orcs will echo above you in martial vigilance, through the small hours.

You will need your rest, for in the morn the gathered heroes of the Empire will storm the Sentinel Gate once more, with ceremony and speeches, with Pride Courage and Loyalty, in a glittering spectacle of power and might! Cheer their passage, or march with them if you dare!

After that, one way or the other, swing by the Imperial Hospital, where the Physicks of the Empire do endless battle with their usual foe. Stay out of their way if you can, and make a donation, against future need…

…and then rest on the spot the Empire was conceived, in the Anvil tavern. Get a drink of something refreshing, and consider what you would do that afternoon…

How’s that? :smiley:


Ooo I did not know about that!
Thanks for the OOC tip too :slight_smile:

Songs and stories is definitely on the list :slight_smile:

Just beautiful! Nice work

There is at more than 1 nation festival each event, often interacting oddly.
The Highborn Day of the Dead marches through the league Masquerade of the Reaper

The Urizeni and Dawnish flower festivals are both held in the Spring, but they have completely different flower codes.

Most are very happy to have visitors, offering a story or song of your own is often appreciated but not necessary.

NB if the Marchers play Foot The Ball do not get involved. That causes more traumatic injuries than their battles, best watched from half a field away. As far as this Highborn can work out the only rule is no edged weapons. The whereabouts of the ball does not seem to be particularly relevant.


To be fair, as far as this Urizeni player can gather, most Marcher (and some Leaguer) games involve some level of excess ‘friendly’ violence

Interesting to watch, not so much to participate

If marital sports are your thing, there’s also the Dawnish Glory Square and the Imperial Orcs fighting pit.
Can’t say much about them, as new to Anvil, but keep hearing things about both as a ‘interesting watch an RP’