The Hearth & Honey - Tea & Trade Debut at E4

Cousins! I bring welcome tidings for the forthcoming summit in Anvil. ‘Hearth and Honey- tea and trade’ will be travelling to the autumn equinox in order to refresh you at the Winter Market.

Offering a fine selection of specially sourced and selected, hand-picked teas, sweet loaf cake and cinnamon swirls throughout the day as well as more fortifying beverages once the sun sets we invite you to join us for some Varushkan hospitality.

As this is our first event bringing the tea shop, we’ll be offering some deals to those of you who are new to Anvil.

We are also looking to expand the ‘trade’ side of our business, so please talk to us about resources you wish to buy or sell.

May your next foray to Anvil be prosperous.

  • Nadia, Nikolai, Dav and Sketch.