The Labyrinth Pub

We are creating a small bar in Varushka, open to all nations, specifically dedicated to new players or anyone (like me) with anxiety issues.

Scared that you might have to drop IC to work things out, we are comfortable with that.

If you have a plan but can’t do the talking, let me know I will start negotiations for you.

Have something to sell, but no forum? We will add it to our chalk board and conduct the sale for you.

Don’t know how to get involved with your nation? Let us make the introductions.

I Love Empire, Profound Decisions provide us with an excellent backdrop on which to create our exciting tapestry’s, but as someone who suffers from severe anxiety I fully understand how some circumstances can be overwhelming; I want to try and bridge that gap.

E3 will be a trial run for us, I hope you will have as much fun as we do.


If you have any questions you would like to remain private; please direct them to


HI, E3 will be my first event.

Id like to pop over and just RP.

Now that the last pub in Varushka are all dead, i’m looking forward to a new one opening. I hope you okay with a setting up tabs :):smile:

Surely the Dizzy Bee will return!?

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Of course, but only for the winter market

How did this go? I have very bad anxiety myself so I was wondering if you’re going to carry on doing it? Thanks! :blush:

Reasonably well, we had a nice bit of traffic and some weird and wonderful conversations across the weekend. :slight_smile:
We will be running our special brand of “not quite a pub” again at E4.
I think the key thing we want to do is make sure; if someone is brave enough to poke their head through the door, we are welcoming, give them a place to hang out and talk to people who are genuinely interested in whats going on in there world and maybe get involved in some of our stories too.
We will be in Varushka again at E4 feel free to drop in.


Can we get it consecrated again? This time to vigilance, because the poles cracked in the wind last time!

Please tell me your motto is “Easy to enter, hard to leave”

Would it be okay for me to just sit in and write and stuff while my boyfriend battles? I’m too anxious to take part in battles and my boyfriend’s my lifeline when being around people so I’m trying to find somewhere safe to sit on my own :blush:


Just stumbled across this - a fantastic idea! Might I also offer the knowledge of the Anvil library that is [usually] quite quiet most of the time, and hopefully this event] may have some seating as well…
Also, I’m a very bubbly character* who is happy to help others [my husband has social anxiety sometimes and so I can sympathise partly and, with my depression, relate to needing quiet space too] and will gladly help broker things for people if needed
[*IC I’m a naga called Oscuro in League - crimson reapers - if you are passing and just need a space quickly though may not be there]

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Amazing, I was not able to attend E3 but I will very much look forward to checking it out. Varushka really needs more stuff going on, I’m really looking forward to the Winter Market.

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Thanks very much! :grin: I’ll have to have a look in the library, that seems lovely!

This is a brilliant initiative! Empire is quite a difficult LARP to get into plots, so this will certainly help a lot of new players.

I will make sure to pop in during the weekend and share some corsair stories and some songs with whoever is willing to share a few words with me :smiley: