The League costume help

Im struggling to find an appropriate costume for Empire. After decided to join The League I’ve been looking on the forums and the wiki for costume ideas, and while I’ve liked the idea of getting something like Larp Landsknecht Shirt - 3 Colours - LARP Warriors there’s a slight problem, my chest size is around 36 and most items only go down to around 40. I have friends who could make adjustments, but I don’t want to ruin my costume in the process. If anyone has or knows anything about that item or other items that they wear as members of The League any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Honestly, I would suggest getting it anyway. You want to have a bit of extra room for extra layers underneath. And you can belt it in at the waist, they are meant to be a looser fit also.
(although I a big guy with a broad chest so not the best judge).

My shirt is in a similar style that is much shorter in the chest. Its made by mythology, but a few other stores stock them. It tends to only come to the bottom of my belly and should be worn with high trousers.

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I’m probably the best person to answer this question as I too have a 36" chest! Best advice I can give is this, don’t buy a single item online!!! I’ve ordered and sent back somewhere in the region of £1000 worth of goods from various websites and compaines and they are all horrific fits!

While someone could alter the chest size it would look wrong and feel wrong as the arms, cuffs and collar would all need to be altered which is a huge task and undertaking by which point you could of just made it yourself.

While there is stuff that will fit I honestly would save your money and take into to empire and buy in the field or at a show. I’d go on the Thursday ad that gives you the whole day to look and try stuff on.

Alternatively make it yourself if you know people who can sew. Just don’t waste your money buying online as 95% will be a horrific fit and have to be sent back which you will have to pay for!

Have you tried looking at women’s shirts? They will tend to go down much smaller and that sort of puffy shirt is rarely made with any particular shaping so they’re effectively unisex. Have a rummage through your local charity shops!

If you have friends who sew, maybe try converting a velvet jacket into a doublet? Take off the sleeves, put them back on with ribbons so your shirt can puff out at the shoulder. If you/your friends are feeling confident, cut slits lengthwise and bind them with ribbon or bias-binding to get the slashed landsknecht look. Throw on some bling trim and you’re good to go.

Thanks guys this has really helped, I’m going to try and make at least part of my costume and buy what I have to at the event.