The night of flowers (spring is in the air iii)

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Spring turns to the sunlight
And shakes her yellow head,
And whispers to her neighbour:
“Winter is dead!”

Spring is here! The sap rises and the flowers open! It is the time to seek Tests of Ardour and to exchange favours charged with the magic of love.

The people of Dawn invite the rest of the Empire to join them for the Night of Flowers.

Throughout the Spring Equinox, Dawn will be celebrating the birth of new love and the flowering of old, in all its forms. The Night of Flowers itself falls on Sunday, but gifts - of flowers, sweets or poetry - will be shared and intentions made known throughout the lead-up to the celebration.

As the flowers speak openly of their love for Spring, the Night of the Flowers is the night to dare to speak from the heart, to challenge the spirit with glorious deeds, and to honour love in all it’s forms – whether it be romantic love, filial affection, virtuous loyalty – or the dark love that binds the greatest rivals.

While open love may be celebrated with laughter, not all citizens wear their hearts openly. Those who cannot declare themselves openly are encouraged to seek the aid of the troubadours and matchmakers of Dawn, who will be delighted to assist you in catching their eye. If you do not know your beloved yet, their discerning eyes and swift wits will help lonely souls find the love that can challenge their ardour and inspire them to great deeds.

To bolster the courage of those who pine for love, and to grant the gift of mystery to the intended, Dawnishmen and women shall gird themselves as the Knight of Flowers. Whoever wears the Knight’s raiment becomes the figure of myth, cloaked in anonymity and sworn to deliver honestly the gifts of flowers, the words of poetry or the declarations of love with which they are charged by the star-crossed or the shy.

As the sun drops from it’s zenith, and descends towards darkness, the Consort of the Sun will be chosen. In contests of poetry, of beauty and of strength at arms, the Empire’s most eligible champion will be chosen and crowned.

Then, as shadows lengthen, there will be an evening of dancing, music and celebration in the Dawnish camp. All who wish to bring and share drinks or food, flowers, fruit or simply the pleasure of their company are welcome to join the Consort of the Sun and the Knight of Flowers in celebration.

Let us raise our glasses and our voices to celebrate the passions of the Empire and, together, herald the glorious Summer that is to come.

The third of tonights little festivals; a bit like a Dawnish version of Valentine’s Day with all the dials turned up to “11” - as is the way in Dawn. The picture is from … /armor.jpg, picked out by Freya CM who also gave me the first draft of the words I then ruthlessly butchered and gave a bright purple overcoat.

Also, apologies to A. A. Milne for ruthlessly ripping off his lines.