The Riptide: elite monstering unit

In response to PDs call for players to create their own monstering units, Grayson (who plays Bohemond de Rondell in Dawn) and I (who plays Gabriel Barossa in The League) are putting together a unit of Grendel Wave Riders, The Riptide.

Wave Riders are the fast-moving elite troop unit of the Grendel, in light and medium armour. What appealed to us about this is that they fight in a dynamic fashion to move tactically around the battlefield to key points, rather than engaging in grinding line fights. They should fight cleverly, not as arrow fodder.

Equipment for The Riptide should be relatively light and easy to transport, as the preferred weapons are side arms, like sword and buckler or polearms and armour that does not slow you down.

We did consider the issue of inclusivity; in case anyone would be put off from joining by the mobile nature of the unit. Our judgement was that the need to wear heavy steel of many other elite units was more of a barrier. We also believe that a disciplined and coherent unit can be mobile by keeping their wits around them rather than having to run everywhere.

We are interested in having the OC organisers be separated from IC leaders. As such we would welcome anyone who wishes to try their hand at leading units to speak to us. We will aim to rotate field command and subordinate roles so that more people can gain experience and be teamed up with the right people to support them. The field commander would be asked to attend the NPC monster briefing at midnight the night before a battle. In particular there is something of an imbalance in gender within Military Council roles and we welcome working with any who are interested to provide the most support possible.

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If you are interested, please sign up at EMU: The Riptide.