The Runes Way Song

Here’s a song for those who didn’t hear it during ‘Not-E1’ last weekend:
We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Many thanks to all involved:
Vocals: Guy Hepworth, Mike Crook, Amy Randall, Abigail Seabrook, Lou Sutcliffe, Kathryn Wheeler, Harry Harrold, Bill Harrold, Evelyn Billingham, Orion Dooley, Tim Packer, Ailsa Paton, John Craven
Concertina: Kathryn Wheeler; Melodeon: Tim Packer; Tin whistle: Evelyn Billingham; Flute: Ailsa Paton; Accordion: Kathryn Wheeler; Bassoon: Bill Harrold; Guitars: Mike Crook, Tim Packer; Mandolin: Chris Robins Kennish; Double bass: Tim Packer; Drum: Guy Hepworth; Bugle: me.

Words and music by Guy Hepworth and Mike Crook of The Golden Apple, Tim Packer (Watkin of King’s Stoke), Elliot of the Rusty Compass and me (Lorenzo ‘la Volpe’ von Temeschwar).

The song is inspired by The Runes Way game which is live on kickstarter until 22 May. More info here:

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