The Sentinel's Repose: NOW HIRING

Okay, so following an EXTREMELY busy weekend, and a VERY prosperous taking at the Sentinel’s Repose, both myself and Kraig have discussed the possibility of taking on some staff at the tea house and POSSIBLY the relaxation therapy tent.

If anyone wishes to work in our beautiful teahouse, or try their hand at some relaxation therapy, then please PM me!

We shall discuss payments and contracts and such there.

For those of you that have never come across us before, The Sentinel’s Repose is a tea shop and relaxation therapy parlour located in Urizen, and belonging to the Spire of Endsmeet. It is currently run by the Twin Nagas Elyssian and Elyssiathain who are both Night Ritualists within their Spire.

We get a whole range of customers from ALL nations of the Empire and all are very pleasant!

The weekend just gone was EXTREMELY busy and ALL customers were VERY polite and understanding of our need to run a business AND be involved in plot. :slight_smile:

MANY MANY thanks to all players, NPC’s, and Crew who came to the establishment and even more thanks go to those repeat customers who make every event a welcome experience!!!

We are continuing to expand on the Repose and make it even better each time we set up!
(The purchase of an awning for outside has been a welcome one.)

If you are interested in working with us (note the ‘with’ - we’re not tyrants) then please PM me! :slight_smile:

Yes I can’t wait till next time as I missed the chance to use your brilliant facility. I look forward to the massage parlour again everyone I know who tries it has enjoyed it.