The siege of homauer (winds of war summer 378ye)

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[size=150]THE SIEGE OF HOLMAUER[/size]
Things are much worse in Holberg.

Perhaps fifteen thousand Freeborn, Dawnish and Marcher souls defend the solid walls of Holfried and the tattered walls of Holmauer.

Arrayed against them, perhaps twenty-five thousand orcs, commanded from the shambolic fortress at Rebeshof beneath the banners of the striking scorpion.

The waters of Holberg run with bloody Spring magic. Water turns foul quickly, spreads everywhere creating slippery mud that sucks the strength from the limbs of soldiers. Some who fall lack the will to rise again without assistance. Some never rise. Every wound festers, even minor injuries might prove life-threatening. The orcs suffer as well – but they seem not to care about the misery caused by their malicious magic.

From the gates of Rebeshof the Scorpion Sting lead an overwhelming assault on the walls of Holmauer. They walls hold for a time, then break in one, two, three places. A trickle of orcs through the defences becomes a flood. The Empire retreats back into the upper city, to safety behind the walls of Holfried.

Over four thousand Imperial troops lie dead, slain by poison, by festering wounds, by fearsome beasts, by merciless, stealthy assault.

The ruined suburbs of Holmauer are in the hands of the Druj again. They control the outer walls – although those walls surely will not stand much longer.

It could have been worse.

The barbarians amuse themselves by catapulting the heads and body parts of slaughtered imperial troops over the walls into the upper city. The heralds of panic stir in the city now, unmatched since the retreat of Empress Giselle. Citizens who have endured everything the Druj have thrown at them are beginning to wonder what the weather is like in sunny Sarvos, chilly Temeschwar, rain-beaten Tassato …

Winds of War #5. The siege of Holfried continues.

It really could have been worse by the bye … this is a great example of a campaign where the orders of the generals - on both sides - made a massive difference. If the Imperials had been less defensive, if the Druj had been more aggressive … well, it might have been a very different outcome and not in a way that the Burghers of Holberg would enjoy …

The picture is probably a little OTT for the siege of Holmauer, given how battered those walls have been in the last two years, but dammit I want to run that battle! Someone find me six siege towers, a massive fortified wall and forty thousand LRPers …

I was going to use this picture this picture of a man with a crossbow which I really like but sadly it would not have looked right with the other four landscapes. I’ll find a place for it on the wiki instead!

Aaaanyway … one more major write-up and maybe some ‘‘snapshots from the front round-up’’ to go and then this day of victory and disaster will be done.

cough My esteemed Colleague from the North has pointed out that all the shambling possessed corpses are actually in sunny Astolat, on holiday with their Imperial Orc masters. I have edited appropriately.