The Spaniard wants language support

Hello everyone!. I introduce myself in that post: new-players/introduce-yourselves-t42.html

… and now, i’m searching someone wants practice with me, To practice what?, for practice my English :smiley:

What i offer you? Well, I’m a very dynamic person, i like make friend, and i’m a “crafter” (i studied arts and SFXMakeup). If you need do something, send me a PM, I try to help and so I practice my English =),or if someone want practice his/her Spanish, I’ll be happy to help you.

Thanks for your time, sorry for the inconveniences, and have a good day.

(For orthography/grammar errors read the signature, thanks.)

When I was learning Italian (something I have shamefully let slip) I found the two most useful things were a) visiting the country, because I would learn more in a week of holiday than I would in a month of classes, and it sticks and b) having a number of Italians on Facebook/G+/instant messenger to chat to in their language. Honestly, looking over these forums will likely be a great help!

People will be thrilled to have you coming along, and as I tell my Italian chums, “if I can understand what you are saying then your English is good”, and so far there has been no problems with understanding your questions!