+++or, a story of one city and the large town next to it+++

The Twin City, one of the original cities of the League. The wiki has this to say on the matter of the Senator for Tassato: "Traditionally, being senator for Tassato is regarded as one of the worst seats in the Imperial Senate. If the senator is from the city itself, then they often encounter resistance and hostility from the folk from the other side of the river. If they are not from the city proper - if they refuse to pick a side - they are generally treated as interlopers and encounter harassment from citizens from both sides of the river. A few wealthy guilds that live outside the city maintain a discreet distance from the intrigues of their more urban cousins - the votes of these guilds are much sought after by candidates regardless of where they live. "

During the Autumn Equinox, the people of Tassato will elect their Senator for the next four seasons. Will it be the incumbent, Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato of the Gilded Horn Carta? Or will someone more ambitious unseat them and represent the good people of Tassato (and the less-good people from the other side of the river) for the next year?
The election takes place on Saturday, officially starting at some point between midday and three - your egregore is likely to have all the details of where and when the debate and accompanying voting take place.

Any League citizen can declare themselves a candidate for the election, but they must do so before the voting opens. Once opens, no new candidates can be declared.

Any character with a Business resource in Tassato receives bonds - votes - based on its wealth and prosperity. In practice this means that the owner of a standard business gains 10 voting bonds. Each permanent upgrade (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Business#Upgrades) adds another 2 voting bonds.

The voting bonds are physical things - they should be in your character packs at the start of the event - and you’re free to trade them, sell them, or rip them up and use them as confetti at your peculiarly farcical wedding if you so wish. The wiki even points out that “While uncommon it is not unknown for an individual to claim to be collecting bonds on behalf of one individual, only to then hand them over to another.”!

They’re then free to give those bonds to anyone they like. At the end of an hour and a half, the candidate with the most bonds wins the election and becomes Senator for the next year. Hurrah!

This is the Best Form Of Democracy in the Empire, if not the world, because only those people who are truly invested in the prosperity of a nation should be involved in deciding what happens to it. The power of a nation lies in its wealth, and in the people hard-working and clear-sighted enough to build and wield that wealth - which goes beyond mere rings and thrones to the heart of Prosperity itself.

People who aren’t eligible to vote can still participate, of course. A physic or a magician can canvass and campaign for their chosen candidate - someone who represents their interests. Or they can stand as a candidate themselves, and try to win the support of the Tassatan people. The election itself may only last ninety minutes, but the politics surrounding it never have to end. Hurrah!

In Empire, Senators wield a great deal of power - but they are also ultimately responsible to the people they represent. At the end of the day the Senator for Tassato represents the business owners of Tassato, first and foremost, as they are the people who elect the title. Yet they also represent the League - along with the Senators for Sarvos, Temeschwar, and Holberg they appoint the League generals and any number of other significant titles. They speak in the Senate, they guide the ship of government through the rocky shoals of people-being-idiots.

Even someone who isn’t from Tassato should be able to see the advantage of having someone suitable (for a given value of “suitable”) representing a League city to the other nations, and indeed the world …

You can learn more about Senators here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Senator. You can also talk to your existing Senators (who you will find listed on this page → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Current_Imperial_titles and updated after every event), or to your egregore, or to Merlot of the Civil Service (Paul Wilder).


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