The water-logged bayou of Therunin provides a unique challenge. The Vallorn has grown more malicious as it has slowly been driven back, but it is perhaps not the most immediate threat. The Druj orcs have long coveted Therunin … and now they are openly at war with the Empire again.

During the Autumn Equinox, the stridings and steadings of Therunin will elect their Senator for the next four seasons. Will it be the incumbent, Willa Farkus-Vigil? Or will there be a change, and someone new represent the people of Therunin for the next year?

The election takes place on Saturday, officially between midday and three - your egregore is likely to have all the details of where and when.

Anyone can stand - you don’t need to be a resident of Therunin to become Senator, but you do have to be a Navarr citizen.

Once the candidates are clear, every Navarr whose personal resource is in Therunin picks a candidate to stand behind. Once everyone has finished making their choice, the person with the most people stood behind them becomes Senator.
This is the Best Form Of Democracy in the Empire, if not the world, because it is open and straightforward, and all the people most effected by the decision get a say Everyone can see who everyone else votes for, and there is ample opportunity to adjust your vote to ensure someone you don’t hate gets the title.

Even if you’re not able to vote, it’s still worth turning up. You can learn a lot about your peers by how they act during an election. Plus there’s nothing to stop you getting involved before the actual election itself - Therunin does not exist in a vacume after all.

Furthermore Imperial Senators wield a lot of power - but as the Navarr never forget, they must also be responsible to the people they represent. When nations forget that their leaders are accountable, that’s how you get Vallorn. Do you want Vallorn?.

There’s a lot going on in the Empire, and in Navarr, and in Therunin at the moment. The threat of the Druj is more present than ever - the entire eastern border of Therunin abuts the Mallum after all. Plus there’s the uncertainty of what is going on with the Great Forest Orcs in the Lower Tarn Valley ,and what that means for the future.

It’s also important to remember that Senators don’t just represent a territory, but also a nation and an Empire. The Senator for Therunin works with the senators for Miaren and Hercynia to appoint titles, as well as to present the views and the needs of the Navarr to the other Imperial nations, and to the wider world.

You can learn more about Senators here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Senator. You can also talk to your existing Senators (who you will find listed on this page → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Current_Imperial_titles and updated after every event), or to your egregore, or to Merlot of the Civil Service (Paul Wilder).