The Troubadour and Religious skills

I’m from Germany and I’ve never participated to Empire LARP event, but I’m thinking to do it in the future with a friend!
In particular I’d like to join Dawn, as I already have an armor and kit for a knight errand. My friend has a more simple costume, and we thought it would be cool if he joined me as my trusty yeoman bard, he too looking to pass the test of mettle, as he is quite talented with voice and guitar.
I’ve read that bards and troubadours are essentially the priests of Dawn. Should he take Religious skills? And if yes, which do you think could be better for a troubadour?

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Herzlich Willkommen!

The archetype of troubadour generally refers to a Dawnish priest who uses music, oratory and the like to spread tales of glorious people to inspire others to Glory and Virtue.

It’s entirely possible, as far as I’m aware, to be a Dawnish musician or bard without being a priest - but I wouldn’t refer to that sort of person as a troubadour.

Involvement with religion in Empire can be a great source of fun and game, so taking religious skills is certainly not a bad idea.

For a Dawnish Troubadour, the religious skills that stand out to me are Anointing (to put someone in the right frame of mind to go out and be Glorious/Virtuous), Testimony (to mark someone who’s been Glorious/Virtuous as an example to others) and Hallow (to put an aura on something like a favour to be given or on armour when someone’s about to be girded).

However, that’s just my personal perspective - there are all sorts of possible builds!


Hi Alex.

As stated above Troubadours particularly use music and poetry to inspire Virtue;

A Troubadour is a priest who learns all the stories of their Noble House, past and present, and tells them in poetry and song to inspire their people to greatness.

If you wanted to go all in for this role Consecration can be particularly fun when combined with Musical Instruments Magic items as dedicates regain Hero Points after being in the area being preached to for 10 minutes, this would look very very cool for a Troubadour


Not a Dawnish Priest but as a Priest the skills:

Dedication: The basic skill, mandatory if you want to work with Liao, The base power is fine but the dream power is interesting, but only if you have the creativity to make it so.

Annointing: Places an aura on a person strengthening their will and virtue. Allows them to overcome malign influence and be influenced by your virtue.

Consecrate: creates an aurua on a bounded area, useful as this can be used by someone with a Dragonbone symbol to refill their hero points.

Hallow: Affects Items, fits very well with Dawnish hearthmagics but doesn’t provide spiritual strength. still fun though

Exorcism: The Skill for blowing up ghosts, spiritual undead and such.

Excommunicate: Banish someone from the Faith. Rarely used and often illegal without justification…

Testimony:: Write a message on a soul, great for rewarding people for notable deeds, recording mighty incidents and such like.

Insight: Allows you to see spiritual auras and curses, neccessary if you’re a curse fighter, nice otherwise.

Note that legally being a Priest can just mean has a congregation, and as such has votes in the synod even without any of the above skills.

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And you do not have to be a priest to be a musician. If priestly matters are not your friends thing then he doesn’t have to take any priest skills at all.