The Welcoming E2 2015

For those of you not on the Facebook:

Google Doc collating what’s going on here:

Hello folks,

Thought I would give an update on The Welcoming. Some folks have said they can’t read the google doc, so here is a summary.

Now none of the following is set in stone. As with most things, I have no authority here what-so-ever. I am collating ideas, discussing them and looking for consensus. So please feel empowered to join in, add to, query, constructively criticise, agree and/or disagree.

At present we are talking about four elements to The Welcoming:

  1. Camp Decorations
  2. The Vate Hunt
  3. Carnival
  4. Festival

Camp Decorations

Looking for ideas for how to decorate the camp.

One idea is to have as many people as possible leaf-shaped bunting which we can hang around. I am thinking we will need at least 100 metres of this, so the more people who can join in the better. Contact me and I can send you leaf templates and instructions.

Other ideas for camp decorations are: Bone wind chimes hanging from bamboo tripods, greenery wreaths, tables for food and drink.

The Vate Hunt

Wearing animal masks, the Vates go into hiding and the Thorns hunt them down. There is ongoing discussion on the details for this. If someone could summarise where we are, then I’ll edit it in here.

General Preparation: At the moment, 1) Animal Masks and 2) Riddles for some of the vates to say when caught.

The Carnival

As a nation we travel around each of other nations’ camps bringing festivities. Like a carnival, we split into sections doing different things:

  • Meeters and Greeters: chatting to and involving people.
  • Food and Drink: folks carrying food and drink to share.
  • Games and Contests: Knife fighting, Blindfolded knife fighting, Tug of War.
  • Fire, drums and poi: folks doing fire dancing, poi spinning, etc with drumming accompaniment.
  • Songs and Stories: folks singing and storytelling.

General Preparation: food and drink. Practice your party piece.

The Festival

After the carnival, Back in camp we stage a series of events with:

Dancing - mostly freeform, but includes the spiral dance.
Individual sets of music and storytelling
Fire and Poi perfromances
Hopefully Kendra’s wedding

Finishing with the customary “Songs and Stories” format.

Additionally, we have:
A sitting area with no entertainment going for those wanting to chat without distractions.
Plenty of food and drink laid out for all.

For more info, check out the google doc (if you can) here: … amlcKNNbnM
Or ask, suggest, or even mock through comments here.

There’s a Vates-only FB group for planning surprises.

Hey folks,

The google doc here: … sp=sharing

Has now been re-edited to show actual plans (whereas before it was ideas).

Of particular interest, there are sections:

  1. Where you can volunteer for various roles in The Welcoming
  2. Where you can note what your Striding/Steading is bringing to the party.

Please check it out.