The welcoming

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With the changing of the Seasons, let all the peoples of Anvil come and Celebrate with the Navarr!

This is the birth of a new Spring. This is a time for celebration. Let there be revelry, feasting, raucous music and wild dancing. Let this also be a time for new beginnings. Let old grudges and past failures be laid aside.

As the sun declines towards the horizon, the people of Navarr will travel the pathways of Anvil in celebration of the New Year. There will be feats of skill and merriment, displays of prowess and laughter.

Come join with us, and raise your voices in songs of joy.

When the evening gathers, we will begin the Hunt, where our Vates don the aspects of the beasts, and the Hunters strive to be proclaimed Master of the Hunt.

When the sun sinks touches the horizon, challenges of mind and spirit will prepare the young and old for the challenges of the new year.

As the sun sets over Anvil, come join us all in our camp.

Join us in dance.
Join us in song.
Join us in food and in drink.

Join us as we welcome the New Year and the new potential it represents.

The Navarr of Striding and Steading invite the people of Anvil to join them in their celebration of new life and new beginning. The festivities begin on Saturday evening and continue until they finish …